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The Secretary General


Serdar ÇÖP


Legal Foundation

Executive Order, Law Number 124

Clause 27:

1.Office of Secretary General consists of one Secretary General with at most two Assistant Secretary General and organizational units. 

2. Secretary General is the head of university  administrative organization and is liable to the Rector.

3. Secretary General fulfilles the following duties via himself/herself and organizational units attached to him/her except for the offices he fulfilles as the head of university administrative organization.

a) To ensure that units in  university administrative organization operate efficiently,regularly and coherently,
b) Fulfilling reporter duty regardless of taking part in votes in University Senate and University Board; to ensure written record of decisions taken in these councils, protention and reservation,

c) To transmit University Senate and Board decisions to the organizational units in the university,
d) To make recommendations to the Rector regarding staff to be employed in the university administrative organization,

e) To ensure the conduction of press and public relations service,