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Handicapped Students Unit

The unit is established within the regulatory framework of Advisory and Coordination of the Handicapped in Higher Education, which was based on the article no. 15 of the Law Regarding the Handicapped and Amendment on Various Laws and Deligated Legistations code dated 1/7/2005 and numbered 5378. The unit’s rules of procedures are defined by the forementioned regulation.


  • To identify disabled students in higher education programmes during university registration, to determine the needs of disabled students in education, training, grant, administration, physicality, housing, sociability and so forth and to take precautions so as to satisfy the needs, to rule out problems, to offer solutions, to make the required arrangements in coordination with other units and heads of departments in the University,
  • To optimize the learning environment of disabled students in order to organize education programmes so as not to disrupt academic, physical and social life of disabled students, to provide equipment for disabled, to prepare special education course materials, to carry out works or studies on arrangement of suitable education, research and accommodation environments for disabled,
  • To do broadcasting and publications for students and instructors of higher education level, to prepare informative documents on disability, disability restrictions and the necessary arrangements, to raise the consciousness level, to give counselling services to those concerned, to offer vocational training if deemed necessary,
  • To develop programmes and projects or to organize seminars, conferences and so forth in order to raise consciousness and sensitivity level of disability,
  • To prepare and conduct work programme of the Unit, to determine the budget required for activities, and to prepare annual activity report so as to present it to the Vice Rector,
  • To organize projects to provide disabled students in financial difficulty with accessory devices, free of charge,
  • To offer time, place and material adjustments and assistant readers to disabled students for exams, to take precautions against differences caused by the nature of a disability, to cooperate with related departments so as to make the adjustments in order for all students to be subjected to assessment and evaluation fairly and properly, in order to ensure equality of opportunity and to make education process meaningful for disabled students as well.