World Savings Day

World Savings Day, which is annually consumption of natural resources, is determined as July 29 in the world this year while it is on June 27 in Turkey. We consumed the resources at the end of the 6th month, which nature offers us to use throughout 2019. Due date shifts to an earlier date year by year. As a result of consuming the resources as if they are unlimited, forests have been destroyed all over the world, fish resources have been running short, fresh water shortage has occurred and biodiversity have gotten lost.

The natural resources of the world are not limitless and continuous, but it is in our hands to preserve the existing resources and transfer them to the future generations. We have to take precautions for the sustainability of natural resources. We need to protect and develop resources, and focus more on renewable energy resources and pay more attention to recycling. We can protect our future by saving. Give ear to this call on World Savings Day!

Edited Date: 31.10.2019
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