6th Middle East Symposium was held at IGU

Organized for the 6th time by Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU), the International Middle East Symposium has come to an end. Many local and foreign scientists came together at the symposium.

6th Middle East Symposium was held at IGU

Organized by Istanbul Gelisim University Department of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul Gelisim University Center for Political Studies (IGUSAM), this year's theme of the symposium was "Change in the Middle East with Its Socio-Political Aspects."

By examining the causes of the changes in the region from political, social, historical, economic and cultural point of views, 26 international scientists contributed with their analyzes to the symposium where the changes in the socio-political structure of the region were discussed.

The symposium whose opening speeches were made by Rector Prof. Dr. Burhan Aykaç and the Head of IGU Political Science and International Relations Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yavuz Çilliler was held in a total of six sessions.

The topics covered in the symposium were listed as follows:

“Migration and Integration, Politics and Economy, Media, Society and Politics, Regional Gender Movements, Terrorism and Civil Society, Nation State and Political System, Youth Movements, Regional Power Struggles and Security Policies, Religion and Politics, International Organizations and Non-State Interaction between Organizations, Society and Culture, Middle East Countries and Global Powers”

Edited date: 02.06.2021
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