880 thousand aircraft maintenance personnel are needed

Expressing that the need for aircraft maintenance personnel has increased despite the economic recessions in the world, Pilot Dr. Tamer Saraçyakupoğlu said: “The need for commercial and military aircraft maintenance personnel is determined as 880 thousand personnel between 2019 and 2038.”

880 thousand aircraft maintenance personnel are needed

Stating that the need for personnel performing various tasks such as installing, removing, repairing and performing routine inspections of the aircraft components has increased, Saraçyakupoğlu added: “According to the 2019 projection plan of a US-based aircraft company, 769 thousand aircraft maintenance personnel needs are in the world between 2019-2038. in question. With the addition of military aircraft maintenance personnel, this figure is determined as 880 thousand personnel. The staff in question will be trained by many approved or non-approved schools worldwide.”


Indicating that students who graduate from approved schools in aviation field will have more employment opportunities, Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) Head of Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Deratment, Pilot Asst. Prof. Dr. Tamer Saraçyakupoğlu said: “The reason for this is that the curriculum and lecture models in approved schools are carried out in a strict framework determined by the civil aviation authority. Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Department of our university has successfully completed this challenging process, has been recognized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) and gained an approved school status.”

Stating that they, as the Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Department, not only help their students graduate fully in the aircraft and aircraft equipment laboratories, but also eliminate their shortcomings in English, Saraçyakupoğlu said, “In this context, the opportunity for our students to take 'Aviation English' courses within the certification programs in addition to the intensive English courses they take at school, also offered. In this way, it is ensured that students have a better command of English and a way to enter business life with stronger resume.


Stating that they make great efforts to bring the equipment that will facilitate their students 'employment, IGU Chairman of the Board of Trustees Abdülkadir Gayretli said: “We have brought Cessna 340 A aircraft to the school in order to make practical applications in the students' lessons. We also made it possible to carry out 'On-the-Job Training' (OJT), which is a very important practice in aviation, thanks to the above-mentioned aircraft.”

Edited date: 06.07.2020
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