Aircraft Electrical Electronics program opens

Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) School of Applied Sciences announced that it has opened an Undergraduate Department of Aircraft Electrical Electronics in order to train qualified personnel in issues such as maintenance, repair and renewal in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Electrical Electronics program opens

In the statement made by the university, the following details about the department were given:

“Students studying in the department will learn how to carry out the maintenance and repair of the devices of the electrical-electronic and avionics systems with contemporary methods and techniques in accordance with the rules stipulated in the Aircraft Maintenance Technical Manuals in the academic hours of their courses in maximum 35-person academic classes. They will learn by practicing their skills in 10 Aircraft Classrooms/Workshops/Aircraft System-Avionics Laboratories /Cabin Mock-Up /Pilot Melike Kuvvet Aircraft Hangar and Cessna 340A aircraft, each with a maximum of 20 people, created according to the instructions.”

“The Department has the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) 'SHY147 B2 Avionics Recognized School Authorization Certificate'. For this reason, the training curriculum fully meets the aircraft maintenance personnel training curricula prescribed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as well as the basic electrical and electronics subjects. The language of lessons will be Turkish.”


The following statements were made about employment opportunities:

“Aviation Electrical-Electronics Department students will be able to find employment opportunities in Turkish Airlines, Private Airline companies, aircraft maintenance organizations, Air Supply Maintenance Centers within the TAF, aircraft maintenance units under the Interior and various ministries, and aircraft maintenance, maintenance management and technical departments of other companies operating in the aviation field after graduation.”
"The graduates who successfully complete their undergraduate education and achieve the 'Recognized School Graduation Certificate' by achieving 75 percent success in the module exemption exams will be evaluated as 'Qualified Personnel' by the DGCA."

Created Date:16.06.2021
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