Armenia has repeatedly shown that it is not for peace

Sociologist and International Relations Expert Bahlul Aliyev (PhD), who made evaluations about the conflicts that took place after Armenia's attack on Azerbaijan, stated that Armenia has repeatedly shown that it is not in favor of peace and said: “The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are not like the times when the Soviet Union was dissolved. With friendly and allied countries behind it, it has advanced weapons, well-equipped and trained soldiers and international experience.”

Armenia has repeatedly shown that it is not for peace

Sociologist and International Relations Specialist Bahlul Aliyev from Istanbul Gelişim University (IGU), who made a statement on the subject, emphasized the Armenian side's preparations for a new escalation after the heavy defeat in the Tovuz region in July and said: “This attack was actually an expected attack. The prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, who received a lot of criticism in domestic politics after the July rout, was preparing for a large-scale war both to protect his own prestige and to stabilize the political path he could not keep in balance. In order to keep the public busy, the participation of the wife of the prime minister, Anna Akopyan, in the military training held in Karabakh, which was under occupation two weeks ago, sending notes to the members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), issues such as the purchase of 40 tons of weapons from Russia via Iran, heralded that Armenia would enter into an armed conflict to destabilize the Azerbaijani lands. In addition, when the countries of the world were dealing with the problems of the explosion in Beirut, the Armenian side to settle its Armenian-origin cognates from Lebanon to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and dispatch PKK terrorists from Iraq and Syria to the region. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev expressed this issue at the 75th Meeting of the UN General Assembly on September 24, and drew the attention of the world public opinion to the issue.”


Pointing out that it is meaningless for the Armenian side to bring the issue to the international level, Dr. Aliyev said, “Since Armenia could not absorb the heavy defeat it suffered in the first day, it applied to the world leaders with a large number of telephone traffic in order to save the situation and demanded pressure to stop the Azerbaijani side. In addition, it requests from CSTO members to fulfill the requirements of the Treaty. The point that should not be forgotten here is the fact that Karabakh is accepted by all countries of the world as an integral part of Azerbaijan. Considering that the conflicts are not in the territories of the Republic of Armenia but in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the CSTO does not have any binding. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are doing what is necessary for the security of the region they are assigned to protect.”


Emphasizing that the Armenian side almost always gave up sitting at the table, Aliyev said: “In fact, Armenia has always expressed in different media that it supports the protection of the status quo. The resolutions 822, 853, 874, 884 of the UN Security Council demanding the unconditional expulsion of the Armed Forces of Armenia from the territories of Azerbaijan have remained unenforceable until today with different excuses. Armenia, which uses the region as an outpost with the puppet regime it established in Nagorno-Karabakh, insists that 7 regions (provinces) that are not affiliated to Nagorno-Karabakh remain under the so-called Republic, despite all international calls, points to another dimension of the event.”


Aliyev emphasized that the Minsk Group, which was established for the solution of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict since 1992, has made no significant progress so far and said: “Until now, the OSCE Minsk group co-chaired by the USA, France and Russia has made no progress other than the surveillance activities carried out continuously in conflict zones. The Armenian side has not approached the formats proposed for a solution. This situation shaken the trust in the Minsk trio and caused questioning of the reliability of this institution, which has been operating for nearly 30 years. In addition, the fact that Russia, one of the co-chairs of the Minsk group, is an ally of Armenia and the pressure of the strong Armenian lobby in the USA and France against these states overshadows the activities of the Minsk group, but also puts its neutrality under serious doubt. The Azerbaijani people have been tired of lingering for nearly 30 years and demand to speak violently with Armenia, which is trying to block every road to peace, and to protect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.”


Evaluating the Armenian attempts to spread deliberately false information regarding the clashes started on September 27 as Azerbaijan started the escalation with Turkey’s active support and thus spread disinformation, Aliyev continued as follows:

“It is no longer a secret that Armenia has been preparing for this attack for months. The Pashinyan government, which was suffering more and more in domestic politics with each passing day, was hopeful to regain its prestige with a sudden attack. This is why playing the Turkey card to gain acquittal to defeat. Armenian administration seeking excuse with the open solidarity of Ukraine, Pakistan, Israel as well as Turkey with and Azerbaijan, and using as leverage the military exercises of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Armed Forces held every year in Nakhchivan tries to gain Worldwide support with ‘Victim Rhetoric’ and misleading the world’s public opinion on the clushes a sit is in the international level. Turkish Armed Forces are one of the most powerful armies of the World. If the Turkish army was involved, there would be no force to stop it, and the Turkish army could take control of the whole region within 24 hours. Since the Armenian side knows very well that the Turkish army is too strong to be underestimated, it resorts to such disinformation.”


Saying that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces gained experience at the international level with modernization and training recently, Aliyev concluded his words as follows: “The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are not like the times when the Soviet Union was dissolved. With friendly and allied countries behind it, it has advanced weapons, well-equipped and trained soldiers and international experience. Although the Azerbaijani administration favors a peaceful and international law-based solution of the problem, it has repeatedly stated that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are capable of protecting the territorial integrity of the country if these efforts fail.”

Created Date:28.09.2020
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