Attention to meat consumption during the feast

Dietician Halime Pulat Demir drew attention to the importance of balanced nutrition and active life during Eid al-Adha, where consumption of red meat increased, and made warnings about not to overdo meat and dessert consumption during the feast.

Attention to meat consumption during the feast

Providing important advice to those who want to spend Eid al-Adha in a healthy way, Istanbul Gelisim University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Asst. Prof. Dr. Halime Pulat Demir said that the meat should be consumed after waiting at least 24 hours. Demir stated that the meat consumed without resting may cause digestive problems.


Suggests that meat should be kept for 24 hours after the animal is cut and consumed after resting, Demir said: “Meats that are eaten without waiting can cause digestive system problems. This situation is not paid much attention in our society, but at least let them shift the meat consumption to the lunchtime on the first day of the feast. It will be healthier to consume after a rest period of 5-6 hours. Starting the day with eating kavurma (diced roasted meat) in the morning will be very uncomfortable for the digestive system. Apart from this, meat can be kept at -2 degrees for 6 months. It can be separated into portions in refrigerator bags and stored in the freezer properly for consumption.”


Saying that special patient groups should be very careful at eating during the feast, Demir spoke: “Kidney, liver, diabetes, blood pressure patients, those with cardiovascular diseases should pay attention to meat and dessert consumption. We need to calculate protein in ounces, especially in diets for the patients with some kidney and liver diseases. Meat is a very rich source of protein, so excessive meat consumption of these patients will lead to more serious disease. As a matter of fact, physical activities are as important as healthy nutrition. Despite all the warnings, there will be those who exaggerate eating on the feast. In this process, I suggest walking at least 45-60 minutes during the cool hours of the day.”


Warning on the correct choice of cooking method of sacrificial meat, Demir spoke: “We need to pay attention to the amounts in meat consumption. As a meal, it is ideal to eat at lunch. In addition, cooking method of the meat to be consumed is also important. In our country, roasting and frying are generally used, but instead, boiling, grilling and baking methods should be preferred. Even if the amount of meat eaten is the same, it can become beneficial or harmful to the health through the cooking method. In addition, vegetable or legume dishes should be preferred especially for evening meals. Salad should be consumed with meat dishes. Bulgur pilaf can be preferred instead of rice pilaf. Rice and bulgur mixture can be used for stuffing instead of just rice in making stuffed vine leaves and stuffed vegetables.”


Demir said: “Don't consume charred meats in the barbecue” and added: “The distance between the barbecue and the meat should be about 15 cm. Do not overdo the consumption of meat just because it is grilled. Pay attention to portion consumption still. Portion sizes vary from person to person, but 90-120 grams for women and 150-180 grams for men can be adjusted.”


Warned about the consumption of dessert also and Demir ended her speech: “We are a society with high consumption of dessert. We recommend dairy desserts especially during the feast. As for the amount, portion adjustments should be made. Afternoon hours of the day are suitable for dessert consumption. It should be noted here that it is not consumed immediately after eating the meal. I recommend consuming the dessert, with a maximum of one serving.”

Edited date: 29.07.2020
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