"Bizce İstanbul" project researches turned into an exhibition

The researches of the ‘Bizce İstanbul’ project, which was signed by university students, aiming to raise awareness about the formation of a youth that embraces its art and culture by promoting the cultural heritage of Istanbul correctly, turned into an exhibition.

"Bizce İstanbul" project researches turned into an exhibition

The exhibition, made up of the research series of the Bizce İstanbul* project team, which consists of undergraduate students in many different departments such as Interior Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Cinema and Television, Communication Design, Graphic Design, met with art lovers online.

In the exhibition held within the scope of Design Fest21, organized by Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) Faculty of Fine Arts, images of the "Learn at Home" series, "Notes on Istanbul" series and "News from Istanbul" series are featured.

Providing information about the preparation and content of the research series, Asst. Prof. Dr. Pelin Aykut said;

“The works in the exhibition consist of series that we have produced for a year under pandemic conditions. In our ‘Learn at Home’ series, we talk about the narrations and histories of Istanbul's iconic artifacts. Interior Architecture students Seray Nisa Yavuz and Ahmet Taha Demirci from our team take place in this series. We came across information that we believed to be interesting and fascinated us, and therefore we wanted our series to be included in the exhibition. Another series of our ‘Notes on Istanbul’ belongs to Simge Irmak Arbaç from our team's Communication and Design Department. We presented many unheard-of information about Istanbul to our followers and we enjoyed it. It was one of the series that fed us a lot. Interior Architecture students Seray Nisa Yavuz and Ahmet Taha Demirci from our team took part in our ‘News from Istanbul’ series. We have compiled the news about Istanbul's historical and buildings waiting to be restored. We also had the opportunity to take a look at the stories of the buildings. In this sense, we have completed another series that is both enjoyable and informative and featured in the exhibition. As our team motto is ‘to look at Istanbul from all sides’, we continued this motto despite the pandemic process with our series."

The exhibition can be visited online via links posted on the university's website.

Translator’s Note (*) : I preferred to keep the original name of the project to protect it’s authenticity. However, in order to fully grasp the concept of it one should understand it's name. The turkish word ‘bizce’ can be interpreted as ‘from our perspective’. Therefore, the project's name can be translated as ‘Istanbul from our perspective’.


Edited date: 21.05.2021
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