Don't wait for your preference to the last minute

Educator Abdülkadir Gayretli said that students should research universities and professions well since the preference period is very short and warned: “Don't wait for your preference to the last minute.”

Don't wait for your preference to the last minute

Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) took place on June 27-28. Students who controlled the excitement and stress of the exam started to wait for the exam results and the preference period. According to the official calendar announced by ÖSYM, YKS results will be available to students on July 28, 2020.


Stating that students should research universities and professions well since the preference period is very short, Istanbul Gelisim University Chairman of theBoard of Trustees Abdulkadir Gayretli spoke: “With the announcement of the results on July 28, the period of entering the preferences into the ÖSYM system is estimated as one week. For this reason, students have a short time to research about the universities and departments in their goals. Therefore, students need to complete their research on universities and departments until the date the results are announced. Students should not wait for their preferences to the last minute.”


Stating that many universities maintain their online system due to the COVID-19 process, Gayretli spoke: “Students should obtain information on academic staff, scholarships, opportunities and university facilities from the websites of the universities. They can obtain information about the location and campuses of universities. If necessary, they should attend online meetings with university officials and get detailed information about the departments. Students can draft the preference list that they will create during the preference period in line with the information they have obtained as a result of their research. The information gained during this process will enable the students to clarify their goals and to spend the preference time more relax and conscious. Doing good research will bring students closer to the right decision in their university and department choices.”


Reminding that students should pay attention to accreditation in university preference booklets, Gayretli said: “Now, which university's which programs are accredited can be seen in the preference booklets. Having accreditation for universities means documenting the quality of education. It is necessary to make more conscious choices by paying attention to this subject because graduating from a program with international accreditation means having an internationally recognized diploma as well. As Istanbul Gelisim University, we are in the position of having the most accredited university program in Turkey with 60 international accreditations, and our efforts to internationalize correspond with the international ranks we receive.”

Edited date: 16.07.2020
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