Dr. Aliyev: President Erdogan repeatedly disrupted the games of France

Stating that France is actually trying to mask hatred for Erdogan by promoting Islamophobia, Dr. Bahlul Aliyev said: “President Erdogan repeatedly disrupted the games of France and imposed worldwide role of Turkey in the region; it has created hatred in some western colonialist leaders against his personality.”

Dr. Aliyev: President Erdogan repeatedly disrupted the games of France


Emphasizing that Charlie Hebdo's targeting of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a step to mask hatred against Erdogan over the recent strategic crisis with France, Dr. Aliyev said: “Erdogan repeatedly disrupt the game in the region, imposed Turkey's role worldwide has created hatred in some western colonialist leaders against Erdogan. The fact that they find Erdogan in front of them in every decision they make is increasing this hatred every day. Erdogan was the first to react in the last caricature crisis, and then the leaders of different countries found their courage and expressed their reactions – this increased the attacks against Erdogan's person. The fact that the target of the cartoons is not the leaders of other countries who reacted, but only Erdogan proves this. Some countries led by France are actually trying to mask hatred for Erdoğan by promoting Islamophobia.”


Stating that the cartoon crisis in France and carried to an international dimension is actually a provocation prepared before, Dr. Bahlul Aliyev from Istanbul Gelisim University said: “The caricature crisis in France was actually triggered by the Charlie Hebdo magazine's statement on September 2 that they would never give up and continue their activities. The magazine policy, which made such a radical statement for the first time after the armed attack on the magazine in 2015, was actually a pre-calculated event. After showing insolent cartoons at school and the subsequent murder the second emphasis made by French President Emmanuel Macron rather than evaluating the incident within the scope of freedom of expression is more meaningful. Macron called this an existential war of France and stated that he would not give up until he won the war. The Macron government sees the growing Muslim population in France and the loss of state control in some ghettos as a critical situation and a threat to France's future. Therefore, it is seeking legitimate grounds for implementing the changes demanded by both the left and the radical right, previously determined in this war of civilizations. After the murder of Teacher Paty, the same cartoons were reflected in public buildings and after some protests, new law discussions under the name of "fight against radical Islam" started in the country.”


Sociologist and International Relations Specialist Dr. Bahlul Aliyev, who stated that the French model secularism is different and much stricter than other European countries, said: “We know that secularism has a unique model for each country on both theoretical and practical basis. France is one of the countries with the strictest practices among them. For example, we can say that France is the only country among the EU countries where religion courses are not given in public schools. In addition, any remarkable religious symbols are prohibited in public schools. Unlike other EU countries, women are banned from wearing burka and veil in public places, and wearing hashema on beaches, and fines are imposed for those who do not obey these prohibitions.”

Edited date: 30.10.2020
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