Economic aid fund will strengthen political integrity

Talking about the 750 billion Euro Coronavirus Repair Fund awaiting European Parliament's approval, Political Science and International Relations Specialist Elif Şahin said: “The economic aid fund can prevent the loss of altitude alleged to occur in the political integrity and stability of the union by strengthening the move between economic and political solidarity among member states.”

Economic aid fund will strengthen political integrity

Political Science and International Relations Specialist Elif Şahin from Istanbul Gelisim University, stating that the European Union countries were taking action during the coronavirus crisis and were unable to cope with the pandemic, said: “With the 750 billion Euro economic support package consensus reached on July 20, the Coronavirus Recover Fund seems to be the first step towards alleviating concerns about the EU's political integrity.”

Stating that countries such as Italy, Spain and France, which are most affected by the crisis, are pleased with the compromise, Şahin said: “The aid fund can be read as a development that can put the scenarios of failure and the clash of the union. Because the European Union, which is seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic crisis in the economic and social areas, follows the issues such as inadequate solidarity within the union, withdrawal and coping with the pandemic, and acting against the union, brought along analysis and controversy such as “Does the Union collapse? Did the EU fail? Did the north-south divide reappear within the EU? ”. Although the rescue package agreement reached today is aimed at reducing economic impacts, it should also be seen as a consensus to prevent deepening social inequalities within the union, strengthen democratic decision-making processes and prevent the risk of damaging the unity of the union.”

Stating that there are divergences in the EU despite the economic aid fund, Elif Şahin said: “It is too early to read the picture optimistically at the point reached. For example; expressings of the countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Denmark and Sweden the concern that grants cannot be used correctly in the countries to be donated, and the countries that will benefit from the aid should implement the rule of law, remain weak sides of consensus.”

Edited date: 23.07.2020
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