Entrepreneur Mothers Academy Social Responsibility Project begins

It has been announced that the “Entrepreneurial Mothers Academy Social Responsibility Project”, organized by Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) School of Applied Sciences, Public Relations and Advertising Department and Avcılar Municipality Women's Counseling Center, will start on May 20 and continue till May 30, 2021.

Entrepreneur Mothers Academy Social Responsibility Project begins

The university reported that it opened its doors online to mothers who reside in Avcılar and have children between the ages of 0-12. With the Social Responsibility Project of the Entrepreneurial Mothers Academy, it is aimed to support mothers who want to put forward entrepreneurial projects in any field and to contribute regionally in terms of increasing women's employment.


It was noted that as a result of the situation determination studies carried out by the Istanbul Gelisim University Gender Studies Center, the trainings created by IGU Continuing Education Center on a completely voluntary basis will be provided online by academicians who are experts in their field.

Talking about the project, Lecturer Dr. Emel Tozlu Öztay said, "When the results of the research conducted in 2019 shared by TUİK are examined, it is seen that the employment rate of women in Turkey is less than fifty percent of men. With the social responsibility project we will carry out, we aim to support regionally for the solution of the current problem, even to some extent, in the name of sustainable development. "We will be happy that the derivatives of the project we are going to realize will be multiplied and implemented in many places."
The training modules that will be provided according to the needs within the scope of the project prepared in line with the needs of entrepreneur mothers, consist of areas such as public relations and advertising, brand management, entrepreneurship training and social media management. It has been announced that mothers who reside in Avcılar district of Istanbul and have children between the ages of 0-12 can make their education applications to the Avcılar Municipality Women's Counseling and Istanbul Gelisim University Continuing Education Center until May 20, 2021.

Edited date: 12.05.2021
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