Essential professions of the future: Civil engineering and architecture

Stating that civil engineering and architecture are the oldest professions that arise with the need for permanent housing, Educator Abdulkadir Gayretli spoke: “The fields of study of these professions that will survive as long as humanity exists are broader.”

Essential professions of the future: Civil engineering and architecture


Reminding that civil engineering and architecture affect hundreds of professions in the industry, Istanbul Gelisim University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Abdulkadir Gayretli said: “They are among the professions that have the highest impact on the national economy by affecting more than 200 sectors. Almost all sectors need an infrastructure, and the project design, construction and maintenance of these infrastructures are in the core area of these professions. Professionals can set up their own office as well as they can work in a project office. They can work in the public sector or as a field engineer, and can provide consultancy. We, as a university, cover the furniture expenses of all students who want to set up their own offices regardless of the departments, and encourage them to start their own businesses.”


Stating that professionals have successfully completed housing, highway, railway and airport constructions in Africa, Gayretli said: “They can work not only in Turkey but also in international projects. Renovation works will begin soon in the USA and Europe, because many service are about to expire. Major infrastructure and housing projects will be on the agenda in Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Syria. It is necessary to know a foreign language. Knowing English, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese will help you to be one step ahead in the profession. For this reason, we encourage our students to learn foreign languages, and we bear the cost of airfare for students who will go abroad for language education.”


Mentioning that the sector that is most affected by the economic crises is the construction sector, Gayretli said: “Failure of the construction sector to recover also affects other sectors. Crises can be prevented by the updates applied to loan rates made by public banks. The interest rates of those who want to buy new house are kept less than those who want to buy second-hand house. This creates more job opportunities and options for professionals.”

Edited date: 28.07.2020
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