Flying car Tusi is at MUSIAD with its strengthened structure and new design

MUSIAD EXPO 2020 Trade Fair, which is one of Turkey's most important technology event opened its doors to visitors at the TUYAP Istanbul Exhibition Center. The flying car Tusi, with its strengthened structure and new design, met with great interest by the visitors at the fair where many technologies were introduced.

Flying car Tusi is at MUSIAD with its strengthened structure and new design

MUSIAD EXPO 2020 Trade Fair opened its doors to visitors at TUYAP Istanbul Expo Center. One of the most popular technologies of the fair, which was held with the participation of more than 40 thousand company representatives, was the flying car Tusi. Developed by Istanbul Gelisim University Technology Transfer Office engineers and students, Tusi made its debut in this fair for the first time after being revised and successfully carried out the test drives. While being able to carry a person of 80 kilos, the flying car Tusi, which has been made suitable for a 110-pound individual, has been developed as a more powerful vehicle by downsizing it while working with 6 rotors and arms. Welcoming visitors with its new structure, Tusi has been made both smaller and stronger with 4 rotors and 8 motors.

Research engineer Furkan Yılmaz, who works at the Istanbul Gelisim University Technology Transfer Office, stated that they exhibited Tusi in a completely revised form and said: “We are introducing our flying car to people for the second time. It promises good things for the future. We started the test drives of the vehicle. It's going very well right now. We ventilate and constantly strive for its balance, making structural changes. I believe we will see both this vehicle and the upcoming two and four-seater prototypes on the road in a couple of months. It used to be very difficult to get personalized aircraft. But this prototype is a vehicle that anyone can own, like a car. It will both be a solution to traffic and provide transportation in a short time and with reasonable costs.”


Lecturer of Istanbul Gelisim University Mechatronics Program Umut Uz expressed that they are in Turkey's largest trade fair this year, and added: “We take part in this fair with our car assertively. We conducted our flight tests. As of today, we have made our vehicle visually better and brought it together with people right now. There is a lot of interest in our car. There are also many participants from abroad. We made changes to our vehicle. We also adapt to the advancement of technology. We renewed the interior of our vehicle. Currently, our development work continues. Flying car technology was a dream. But we are striving to make this a reality. With the introduction of legal procedures into the system, we want to make this vehicle travelable with an individual and perform a flight test within two years. It is important for our country to work in this field. It is our honor to be able to lead this.”


Edited date: 19.11.2020
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