Food packet support from IGU students to earthquake victims

Istanbul Gelisim University Gastronomy Department students, academicians and personnel made more than 22 thousand sandwiches for those affected by the earthquake, the epicenter of which was Kahramanmaraş and which caused great destruction in 10 provinces.

Food packet support from IGU students to earthquake victims

On the morning of February 6, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake caused great destruction in 10 provinces, with the epicenter Kahramanmaraş. A state of emergency has been declared in disaster areas where there are many dead and injured. For the Kahramanmaraş earthquake, which is the second biggest earthquake in the last century, Istanbul Gelisim University students, staff and academicians have been helping the earthquake victims with support campaigns since the first day. This time, IGU students prepared "10.00 sandwiches a day" and provide food support to earthquake zones. The prepared food packages are delivered to the disaster victims through the Red Crescent.

More than 22 thousand sandwiches were prepared

Stating that after the earthquake that caused great destruction and loss of life, they planned and managed the process from the first moment to be with the earthquake victims, Istanbul Gelisim University Secretary General and Gastronomy Departments Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serdar Egeli said:

“As Istanbul Gelisim University, we started making sandwiches to meet the most basic need for food. Our sandwich production, which started with 10,000, has now reached 22,071. We carry out this process in our 3 separate kitchens together with our 150 gastronomy students, food engineers and gastronomy department academicians, and people who come to help from the sector and bring supplies. We established this sandwich production line to help the disaster victims. The sandwiches we make are delivered to earthquake victims through Red Crescent.”

IGU ensures that the sandwiches to be sent to disaster areas are packaged in the best way, and the expiry date is added on it, and with the support of the Red Crescent, it ensures that they reach the relevant regions with completely sheltered vehicles.

“We only accept in-kind aid”

Stating that as Istanbul Gelisim University, they are ready to do everything they can for everyone affected and damaged by the earthquake, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Egeli indicated, “We do not only make sandwiches for all regions affected by the earthquake, we also sent a thousand blankets to the region, as well as donated blood. We try to do what we can. As a university, we only accept in-kind aid.”


Created Date:13.02.2023
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