Green area measure against drought; 5 tons of savings are aimed

Turkey faced with the threat of drought. State Hydraulic Works announced that there are 3-month resources in the reserves that meet the water needs of the megacity Istanbul. One of the measures taken against the danger is the savings in green space irrigation. With the measures developed by the academicians of Istanbul Gelisim University, a saving of 5 tons is aimed at the end of the project at the end of the project.

Green area measure against drought; 5 tons of savings are aimed

Experts said that Turkey has spent the last 10 years in the most severe period of drought. However, the drought measures and strategies to be taken are of vital importance. Starting from this responsibility, the academics aim to save water with the measures they develop. Architect Mahmut Sevgi, Deputy Head of Support Services Department of Istanbul Gelisim University, said: “Drought has become a big problem for both our country and the world. We wanted to be a solution to this problem with savings. We took various measures to save money in the green area in the university garden.”


The architect Mahmut Sevgi, who stated that they had dammed the landslide area, said: “We put natural stones on them together with the bumps. The embankments prevented landslides and wasted water. We downloaded the application we do 3 days a week to one day a week. This was to prevent serious water loss for us. Preserved soil moisture with natural stones on it.”


Emphasizing that plant selection is also very important in saving, Mahmut Sevgi said: “Especially in these days when there is a danger of drought, it is necessary to choose water-resistant plants. It is important to use plants that can remain green in all seasons and are resistant to wind and air pollution. Some plants, like lilies, even absorb the carbon emissions of vehicles. Fruit trees don't want too much water. These trees can be used for savings. Leylandi species can be preferred in hobby gardens. It is a very durable plant in all respects.”


Reminding that the area preferred in landscape arrangement is also very important, Architect Sevgi said: “After the plant selection, it is very important where to plant it. Some plants are not resistant to winter, they like summer, but they are also resistant to drought. These plants can be given as an example of laurel. We remove the laurels outside in winter. But these are not wasted. We put them in pots. We can leave the pots outside until the end of summer. With the autumn, we keep it indoors in an area that will be exposed to sunlight. Our green areas are very large, at the end of the project, approximately 5 tons of water will be saved from waste.”

Reminding the importance of rainfall in buildings, Architect Mahmut Sevgi said: “This water flows directly into the sewer. We changed these ways and started to lay them in the ground. We shared this water equally in the land. With the help of pipes, the plant above and below began to get the same yield.”

Edited date: 14.12.2020
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