Semester advice for YKS candidates: Let your goal be your source of motivation

The 2021 Higher Education Institutions Exam (2021-YKS) will be held on June 26 - 27, according to the examination calendar announced by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). According to the information in the MEB's education calendar, the semester break starts on Monday, January 25, 2021. Educator Abdülkadir Gayretli advising university candidates who want to spend the 3-week semester holiday efficiently due to the pandemic, said: “Your goal will be your source of motivation.”

Semester advice for YKS candidates: Let your goal be your source of motivation

Underlining that the candidates who are preparing for the university must create a course program, Abdülkadir Gayretli, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Gelisim University, said: “Be careful to comply with your schedule. Instead of buying a ready-made program online, create your own. Make sure that your schedule is suitable for your own situation and time. Write your goal on the sheet of your program. Your target will be your motivation source.”


Stating that the semester break provides an important "repeat" opportunity, Gayretli said: "Complete your missing subjects. Do not forget to repeat the topics you know. Take topic tests as you repeat topic. Solving these tests will allow you to see different question types and reveal the points you missed. You can prepare for topics you haven't learned yet. Preparing a few times will make it easier for you to learn that subject.”


Gayretli warning students to "be sure to be at your desk while studying", added: "Studying in bed, in front of the TV will not be efficient and will cause you to waste time. Leave your phone where you will not see it during your study. Read a book. Read books of literary value to facilitate paragraph questions that have changed especially in recent years. Solving paragraph questions will save time and help you understand the question.”


Stating that the semester break is an opportunity for the hobbies that the candidates cannot spare time due to school, Gayretli said: “Spend time for your family and friends. Play games that you had to pause. Watch a movie you can't watch. Do not go out of the program while doing these.”

Edited date: 22.01.2021
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