Nation states get back to the stage after coronavirus

International Relations Specialist Dr. Fatih Fuat Tuncer told about the coronavirus outbreak ravaging the World, and said: “The nation states that are claimed to be ineffective with globalization are coming back to the stage with this crisis”.

Nation states get back to the stage after coronavirus

Stating that an international cooperation could not be developed against this crisis, Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatih Fuat Tuncer from Istanbul Gelisim University said: “Especially the fact that the member states of the European Union (EU) look for their own remedies and even reactivate the border applications they have removed are the biggest indications of this situation. In this sense, COVID-19 once again demonstrates the importance of internal and external sovereignty for nation states.”


Stating that globalization has become the most popular concept of the post-cold war era, Dr. Tuncer spoke as follows: “Globalization is a process in which the world is becoming more interconnected as a result of massive increase in trade and cultural change. However, it seems that this process has gained enormous speed since the 1990s. With the end of the Cold War, the development in transportation and communication technology has been received positively in the world and the 'praise for globalization' that started at that time is now replaced by global terrorism, especially like the 'COVID-19' a global health threat, global economic crisis and climate change discussions, which make globalization debatable. In other words, globalization seems to have brought many difficulties to humanity as well as bringing many facilities.”


Stating that another effect of the pandemic is that people now want to listen to experts, not dreamsellers, Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatih Fuat Tuncer from Istanbul Gelisim University said: “The conspiracy theories that appeared in the first place due to COVID-19 have ended with the virus taking over the whole world. It seems that people care about science, not politicians in this process. In other words, the importance of specialization has prevented the discourses of “Chinese Virus”, “herd immunity” and “the virus will vanish when the weather gets warmer”. In particular, the Chinese administration is accused of being late at sharing information about the virus with the world, and it also attracts attention with its ability to control people in China and to reduce the effect of the outbreak. Especially while 'stay at home' calls did not go beyond a request and it was late to prevent the spread of the virus in Europe and the USA, the debate on authoritarian regime is likely to start in the future.”

Edited date: 26.03.2020
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