Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented, but there is no cure

Emphasizing that noise is the cause of hearing loss, which is the most common among occupational diseases, Expert Audiologist Hilal Nur Ficil emphasized the importance of workplace scans. Ficil, “Noise-related hearing loss can be prevented, but there is no treatment.”

Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented, but there is no cure

Stating that one of the most common causes of hearing loss is excessive noise exposure, Lecturer of Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) Health Services Vocational School Audiometry Department Hilal Nur Ficil said: “In noise measurements made in many districts of large cities in Turkey, it seems that the values obtained exceed the threshold values. There is noise generation wherever high-tech mechanized societies live. It is inevitable to be exposed to noise in workplaces. Workers in industry, transport, construction, mining and even agriculture sectors are at risk.”


Emphasizing that workers' health will be protected with workplace scans, Expert Audiologist Hilal Nur Ficil said: “Workplace scans are carried out under the legal obligation of the employer to investigate the hearing and general health of people working in high-noise environments. This has become a necessity, especially in sectors that will adversely affect hearing health. These sectors are as follows: textile, iron and steel, cement industry, telemarketing companies, telephonic personnel in telecommunication companies, customer representatives, etc.”


Stating that noise-related hearing loss can be prevented, but there is no treatment, Ficil said: “Therefore, prevention of noise is critical. Workplace scans should be carried out frequently, and measures should be taken to prevent noise at its source, to prevent noise in the environment and to prevent noise from the employee.”

Edited date: 02.04.2021
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