One more university incubation center is established in Turkey

One more university incubation center establihed in Turkey. "Gelişim Biotech Tekmer", the incubation center of Istanbul Gelişim University, which has been found successful by the KOSGEB Presidency of the Ministry of Industry, is being established with an investment of 5 million Turkish Liras. The center, which will create a common working area for all entrepreneurs who produce projects in the fields of basic science and engineering, was built on the theme of "Bio-Electronics".

One more university incubation center is established in Turkey


Bioelectronics is a discipline that develops applications for use in biology, medicine and other fields using electronic principles and devices.

The 'Gelisim Biotech Tekmer' incubation center aims to increase the interaction between entrepreneurs and companies aiming to develop biotechnology, medical devices, biosensors, smart health applications, electronic solution products that the health sector needs, and to create an environment for the creation of value added products.


Stating that they aim to compete with the incubation centers of the world's leading universities, Chairman of the IGU Board of Trustees Abdülkadir Gayretli said, “We will turn ideas into initiatives with the ‘Gelisim Biotech Tekmer’ incubation center established within the university. We will work to be included in the UBI Global index that compares the entrepreneurship incubators of universities around the world.”


Gayretli emphasizing the contribution of the incubation center to science and the economy in Turkey, said: “We will provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop products in the Bio-Electronics entrepreneurship ecosystem, and we will accelerate their business ideas with the common use machine-equipment infrastructure. We will provide access to qualified fundamental scientists and qualified engineer workforce needed in projects. We will bring entrepreneurs together with sector representatives and angel investors and prepare the ground for qualified cooperation.”

Pointing out that the acceleration of the higher education system continues under the leadership of YÖK President Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç, Gayretli said that he is excited that they will contribute to the development of both science and economy.


Emphasizing that it is Turkey's first biotechnology incubation center, the project coordinator of the center, IGU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Nail Öztaş said: “We will provide support to entrepreneurs to transform new ideas and technologies into products in a 1100 square meter closed area in a 30-storey skyscraper building in Avcılar Campus of Istanbul Gelisim University. Free space support for entrepreneurial ideas, legal, financial and patent consultancy services will be provided in the incubation center, which has two laboratories equipped with the latest technological equipment, working areas, meeting rooms and a car park.”


Öztaş continued his speech as follows:
“One of the primary goals of the incubation center is to bring the products with high added value and sustainability priority to the economy, such as health, medicine, food and energy, which are of vital importance in the field of biotechnology for Turkey. With a five-year plan covering the years 2021-2026, the Istanbul Gelişim University incubation center will soon begin to accept applications from entrepreneurs. Other research and development facilities of the campus where the incubation center is located will also be open to the companies to be opened in the incubation center.”
The executives of the incubation center and the project team consist of Lect. Çağrı Faydacı, Lect. Saddam Heydarov, Asst. Prof. Dr. Asiye Karakullukçu and Asst. Prof. Dr. Serap Yeşilkır Baydar.

Created Date:18.01.2021
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