Patent reports of universities; financial support is important

Evaluating 'Turkey's patent Map Report' Prof. Dr. Haluk Selim said that Istanbul University, Istanbul Gelişim University and Istanbul Technical University are among the universities with the most patent applications. Drawing attention to the importance of the foundation university being the second in the patent application ranking, Selim said: “Financial support for patent applications is very important. Universities should be provided with financial support for patent applications. Foundation universities are at the forefront here, but state universities lag behind.”

Patent reports of universities; financial support is important

In the 'Turkey's patent Map Report' prepared by Patent Effect published in April of the last year comprehensive information on the patent licensing competence of universities was also included. Istanbul University ranked first with 549 patents among the universities with the highest number of patent applications. Istanbul Gelişim University ranked second with 479 patents and Istanbul Technical University ranked third with 133 patents. Istanbul Gelisim University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Haluk Selim, who pointed out that there has been a 10 percent decrease in patent applications with the effect of the pandemic in the world, said: “Patent is a new invention or a new invention. Therefore, it is accepted as an indicator of very important studies. Financial support is very important for patent applications. IGU ranks second as the university that provided this financial support."


Stating that health is at the forefront in patent applications, Selim said, “Patent-related health and biomedical material studies are in the first place. Then, artificial intelligence-robotics studies are at the forefront. Another study is about digitalization. Universities have now turned to biomedical materials, especially studies in nanoscale have increased. In industry and technology, especially the defense industry is at the forefront. All of these digitalization, artificial intelligence and other studies show industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 has been transitioned after the 2010s, but in many areas such as the internet of things and the internet of services, the industry has evolved towards 4.0.”


Reminding that the 2019 report cards of the universities were also announced by YÖK, Selim pointed out that there was a noticeable improvement in the indicators of the universities and concluded his words as follows:
“Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç, President of YÖK, announced the report cards of the universities. This report is very important for both state, foundation and private universities. It was noted that there was a noticeable improvement. The 2019 University Monitoring and Evaluation Report was evaluated in 5 categories. Especially, we see an increase in the quality of education and training. Previously, there were not many academicians in private and foundation universities. Looking at the last 10 years has shown a great improvement. A large increase was observed in the number of faculty members. There was also an increase in R&D and Project publication issues. Broadcasting incentives came to the fore here. Both the state has a publication incentive policy, and private and foundation universities have also been charged with an extra publication incentive policy. This increased the desire of the faculty members to publish. Another issue is internationalization. We, too, have developed the habit of doing projects together with universities from abroad. This is an indicator of this. The budget and financing issue also shows that there is an increase in the budgets of universities. An R&D market has emerged in scientific research and R&D, both in private, foundation and state universities. Social responsibility projects have also increased. Especially TÜBİTAK supports this very much. Together with the lecturers at universities, all stakeholders in our people come together and we carry out projects. This is reflected in the report. The levels of universities increased in 5 categories. I think that the number of universities that will be in the top 500 in the next 5 years will increase.”

Emphasizing that the report is very important in terms of measuring the innovation performance of universities, Abdülkadir Gayretli, Chairman of IGU Board of Trustees, said, “You can observe all institutions and universities that work. It provides an opportunity for collaborations. IGU is also a pioneer in many fields from electronics to gastronomy. In the patent applications in the last 10 years, 'digital data processing technologies', 'diagnostic and surgical technologies' and 'wireless communication technologies' come to the fore.”


Edited date: 07.01.2021
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