Pay attention to consultants to be experts

Stating that family counseling is based on gathering the members of the family and trying to solve the problems they share together, Expert Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kahraman Güler said: “Since family problems are important, pay attention to the fact that the person and institution from whom you will receive family counseling are experts in this field.”

Pay attention to consultants to be experts


Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kahraman Güler, who listed the requirements for being a family counselor, said: “They must graduate with a bachelor's degree from the departments of psychology, sociology, social work, psychological counseling and guidance, nursing, medicine and child development, four-year education is provide. It is useful to pay attention to the master's degree on the subject or to have documents as a result of special trainings in family counseling.”


Talking about the qualities that family counselors should have, Güler said: “Counselors should demonstrate effective communication skills, professional ethical behaviors, persuasion skills, and the ability to identify complex problems and offer solutions. They must demonstrate the ability to cope with stressful and emotional situations, and have advanced observation skills and attention to detail.”


Güler said that they started the "Family Counseling Certificate Program" with the cooperation of Istanbul Gelisim University Continuing Education Center and 5N1K PsikoAkademi, and added: “In this program, trained instructors aim to realize online education at formal quality. The teaching staff includes professors, associate professors, doctor lecturers, clinical psychologists, and family-couple therapists. The trainings will last 450 hours for 22 weeks. Participation requirement for the program, which will start on the 2nd week of September, is being a senior student or graduate from the departments of Social Work, Child Development, Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Nursing, Medicine and Sociology. Organized in cooperation with Istanbul Gelisim University and 5N1K PsikoAkademi, this program has an ambitious program content within the program prepared in accordance with the regulation with its strong staff and infrastructure.”

Edited date: 01.09.2020
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