Pay attention to the electromagnetic field: Children are the most affected, it can lead to cancer

High-voltage lines around parks, playgrounds, and even the house we live in, which are indispensable for children, are dangerous. Electronic technology lecturer Nevzat Yağız Tombal, who said that the electromagnetic field formed here triggers many diseases, especially cancer, said, "There are problems such as retardation in brain functions or slowing of some functions. In the near term, it is known to cause perception disorders, anxiety and stress.”

Pay attention to the electromagnetic field: Children are the most affected, it can lead to cancer

Green areas where you can visit as a family, parks where children are not tired of going, your home or the location of your workplace may endanger your health. The crackling sweaters and goose bumps of children while playing in the park can be the harbinger of some dangers. Istanbul Gelişim University Electronic Technology Instructor Nevzat Yağız Tombal emphasized that these areas are important for the socialization of children and gave advice to parents against dangers. Tombal said: “Static electricity, which is generally caused by the material, can cause this. Another is the high voltage lines unfortunately located in some parks and gardens, very close to settlements. These two factors pose an important danger to our children. There are many researches that places with electromagnetic fields can be harmful to human health. We know that there are bigger problems especially for children.”


Emphasizing that children are affected more because their metabolism works faster than adults, Tombal said, “They are more affected by the electromagnetic field than adults due to the high functioning of their metabolism. The electromagnetic field penetrates the brain more in children. If you are 8-10 meters away from the high voltage line, you are exposed to a radiation above the limit values. There are studies of the World Health Organization on this subject. According to these studies, children exposed to electromagnetic fields experience problems such as DNA damage, delayed brain functions such as Alzheimer's or slowing of some functions in the future. Apart from this, it is known to lead to situations such as perception disorder, anxiety and stress in the near term.”


Expressing that the development of the child who is exposed to electromagnetic field is also affected, Tombal said: “As a result, it can cause different brain diseases and metabolic diseases in the long term. Children's skull thickness is thinner than adults. The skull thickness, which is 2 millimeters in an adult, is 1 millimeter in a 10-year-old child and 0.5 millimeter in a 5-year-old child. Therefore, the electromagnetic field penetrates the brain more in children. While the same electrical pollution penetrates to 1 in 4 of the brain in an adult, it can penetrate to 3 out of 4 in a child.”


Stating that there are many differences between the Z generation and the X and Y generations, Tombal said: “This generation has grown with technology. This has its positive and negative sides. We see negative traits such as lack of coordination, lack of perception, dissatisfaction, dislike, easy going, and wanting everything ready, which are frequently seen in children right now, in the new generation children. Thanks to the excess electricity in their living spaces, the brain activities of these children are damaged. Therefore, some psychological problems may also arise.”


Saying that attention should be paid to settlements or children's playgrounds, especially under or near high voltage lines, Tombal continued his words by mentioning the work done:

“There is a study with children whose living place is within 200 meters of the high-voltage line. According to this study, it was observed that the leukemia rate increased 2.6 times in children whose living place was within 200 meters of the high-voltage line compared to children without electromagnetic field around their living space. When the same study was done this time on children sitting at distances of 200 to 600 meters, it was seen that it increased by 2.2 times here. We know that the electromagnetic field is a factor that affects cancer. In 2011, it took the electric field strength to the 2B class of radiation in general. This is the possible cancer-affecting class. Many researchers agree that it should now be placed in the 2A category, which is definitely the category that affects cancer.”


Tombal said that a lot of work falls on the municipalities regarding the locations of the parks and gardens, and drew attention to the fact that the measurements should be done well here.

Tombal said: “Park floors are very important. Insulators also conduct electricity. Electromagnetic field and static electricity are formed like this. Air also transmits electricity, but there must be a very high amount of current that will harm the human body. In particular, certain studies have been carried out recently in playgrounds related to this. In most of the newly built playgrounds, the floor is covered with insulating material. Generally, iron materials were used in playgrounds that were built in the past. Iron is a conductive material and therefore this electric field strength and static electricity would have caused it to be released more. Nowadays, plastic materials are used, it may be the right choice, but some conductive materials can also be used in insulating materials. Especially minor damages such as electric shocks from these points happen to children. There are frequent scenes due to the static electricity effect of plastic. There are previous reasons why children's hair gets prickly. There is a reason why it doesn't happen with every child. The child may already be electrified from home or school environment.”


Edited date: 26.10.2020
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