Pay attention to these while preparing for the exams!

According to the information in the education calendar of the Ministry of National Education, the semester break started on Monday, January 25, 2021. The 2021 Higher Education Institutions Exam (2021-YKS) will be held on June 26 - 27. Stating that learning takes place according to individual differences, Educator Abdülkadir Gayretli emphasized that it is not possible to talk about a universal working method for everyone and said, “If we manage time correctly, focus our attention and have the necessary motivation, we have everything to perform efficient studying.”

Pay attention to these while preparing for the exams!

Stating that there is a positive relationship between regular sleep and getting good grades, Abdülkadir Gayretli, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Gelişim University, said, “For this reason, we will take care not to be sleep deprived. It is not like ‘I slept for 10 hours but got 100; we must sleep for 7 - 8 hours.”


Stating that a determined goal also increases the will to work, Gayretli said: “You may have short-term and long-term goals. Repeat your target aloud to yourself, hear yourself. If you don't have enough motivation to work out, establish an exercise habit before studying. Exercising before studying speeds up the heartbeat, releases endorphins and reduces stress. Increases memory and comprehension.”


Stating that there is no requirement for the working environment to be very organized, Gayretli said: “This varies from person to person. There are students whose balance is disturbed when the working environment is very regular. For this reason, I recommend that you change your working environment from time to time. It improves the memory as well as the concentration level. Mild voices and non-verbal music that disrupt the silence in the working environment also positively affect the study. However, this may not suit everyone. For those who study with headphones, there should be classical or non-verbal music.”


Reminding that working before going to bed makes it easier to remember information, Gayretli said: “Make an agreement with yourself. Stay away from distractions, especially the tablet and phone. Be your own teacher. Work intermittently, take a break from your long work. Make your work continuous. Do not neglect your weekly and monthly repetitions. Repetition will ensure that the information takes place in our minds for a long time.”

Edited date: 28.01.2021
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