Record success in the IB diploma, opening the doors of universities abroad

Gökkuşağı College IB students who graduated from the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program, which prepares high school students personally, socially and academically before university, while also preparing them in accordance with the criteria requested by universities abroad, showed outstanding success in the May 2021 assessment-evaluation period and set the institution's new record in IB history. 42 percent of the students got 40 or more points out of 45, and 83 percent of the students scored 30 or more.

Record success in the IB diploma, opening the doors of universities abroad

IB started to play an important role in education life as a program that is preferred by students who dream of university abroad during their high school education and provide young people with many skills both socially and academically for two years. Students who graduate from the diploma program have the opportunity to study at more than 2,000 universities around the world with scholarships. Within the scope of the program, students are both preparing for university life and taking an active role, on the way to become individuals who dominate the whole world. The Diploma Program, which is implemented in more than 5000 IB World Schools with 6 courses as well as 3 core elements of Knowledge Theory, CAS (productivity, activity, community service) and Extended Paper, which are integral parts of the program, focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills by encouraging diversity, curiosity, international perspective and a healthy enthusiasm for learning.

In this sense, realizing that apart from LGS or YKS achievement, providing an IB Diploma is an important criterion in school preferences, Gökkuşağı Schools are among the educational institutions that offer IB Diplomas. By doing so, it also aims to provide a quality education to its students. Gökkuşağı College IB students, who graduated from the IB Diploma Program, which prepares individuals aged 16-19 for higher education in every sense in 140 countries around the world, set the new record of the institution in the history of IB by achieving outstanding success in the May 2021 assessment and evaluation period.

Nur Betül Gayretli, who was the top student of the school in the 2020-2021 academic year, achieved the highest score ever achieved in the school's IB adventure by getting 44 IB points out of 45 points, while the rate of students scoring 40 and above IB points is 42 percent, and the rate of students scoring 30 and above is 83 percent. The college has both achieved a success above the world average with an average of 36 points out of 45 in the IB diploma category, where the world average for the May 2021 period is 33, and the rate of awarding Gökkuşağı college students with an IB diploma is 92 percent while  the award rate with IB diploma is 89 percent in the world average.


Expressing that they are very happy with the results, Gökkuşağı Schools IB Diploma Program Coordinator Murat Kotan provided information on the subject. He said, “The program is the most prestigious program in the world, which is known as a high school program all over the world, and aims to provide students with a balanced academic education. We can also call it a pre-university education. Because there are many important lessons such as epistemology that helps students develop critical thinking skills. In addition, students get ready for university by experiencing the thesis writing process at the high school level. They gain skills such as academic writing skills, citation rules, and non-plagiarism. In the courses, students are chosen based on the departments in the university they dream of. In this way, each student makes a choice according to their university dreams. The assessment and evaluation system is also different, it is a system that activates the students, puts them in the center of the lesson, and in which the teachers are somewhat passive. It works not with a single exam, but based on a system where students can reveal their performance throughout the program.”


Emphasizing that this diploma, which is accepted by many universities in the world, should also be accepted by universities in Turkey in order to prevent brain drain, Kotan said, “This is an international program and approximately 3,000 students in Turkey are included in this program. The world's most distinguished and well-equipped students graduate from this program and receive acceptance from all universities abroad. This causes a brain drain by inclining our students and children abroad. It is very important for well-equipped students to find a place in Turkey and to be accepted. Just as students abroad prefer universities in our country within the framework of certain rules, we expect IB students to study at universities in Turkey without going abroad with certain criteria. In this sense, we expect a study from the President of Council of Higher Education, Yetka Saraç and ministries.”


 Nur Betül Gayretli, who achieved a great success by getting 44 points out of 45, said that she prepared herself as a world person thanks to the program and said, “It was a very enjoyable journey for us, our academic and social life has really improved. That's why I feel very happy now that I got what I paid for. The IB Program has made me a person of the world. We had a lot of discussions on global issues. For example, we were dealing with the problems of any country in the classroom. In this way, our critical thinking has also increased. At the same time, we have learned a lot both intellectually, socially and academically. Students find themselves in a different dimension throughout this education. Now I have started to make many plans for university. Since universities in Turkey do not accept this diploma at the moment, I applied to good universities abroad, especially in England. I am accepted by all of them.”

Created Date:08.07.2021
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