Smoking also causes muscle contraction

Noting that smoking causes many metabolic damages in the human body, Asst. Prof. Dr. Engin Işık Abanoz said: “Muscle contraction occurring in oxidative muscle fibers is just one of them. Even one cigarette per day affects exercise capacity.”

Smoking also causes muscle contraction

Stating that smoking shortened the average life expectancy by 5 to 8 years, Head of Istanbul Gelisim University Recreation Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Engin Işık Abanoz said: “As a result of changes in body metabolism due to smoking, exercise capacity and physical activity level are directly affected and the quality of life of the person is impaired. There are studies supporting that smokers' quality of life scores are significantly lower than non-smokers.”


Stating that the heart and lungs need high oxygenated blood to provide the necessary physical activity level, Abanoz spoke: “Even one cigarette per day affects exercise capacity. Smoking causes early fatigue and shortness of breath. Also, even passive smoking reduces exercise time and increases fatigue. Ending exercise early is twice as much in smokers due to fatigue, shortness of breath and leg pain.”


Stating that exercise performance will improve positively in those who quit smoking, Abanoz said: “These people should not have a thought like “I will get better when I quit”, because smoking can cause irreversible damage as long as it is used. As a result, routine exercises for healthy life should be regarded as a habit that results in psychological and physiological positive results for every person.”

Edited date: 30.06.2020
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