Sudden hearing loss after coronavirus

Making statements about the effects of Covid-19 on the hearing system and sudden hearing loss, Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Dr. Başak Çaypınar Eser said, “While the Covid-19 symptoms were mostly manifested in the form of post-nasal drip, flu and fever, it has recently turned into a form that causes headaches and serious joint pain, especially in young people. The mutated form of the virus can also create serious infections in young people and sudden hearing loss can occur.”

Sudden hearing loss after coronavirus

Pointing out that a serious infections can occur due to Covid-19 in young people and sudden hearing loss can occur as a result, Istanbul Gelisim University Faculty of Health Sciences Audiology Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Başak Çaypınar Eser said, “Sudden hearing loss due to nerve damage in the otolaryngology system can be seen in Covid-19 patients, like other viral infections. The patient may come to the clinic with the complaint of sudden hearing loss, decrease in hearing or ringing in the ear, buzzing. Apart from this, we can see patients with facial paralysis, that is, peripheral facial nerve damage. In fact, some of the patients can continue their daily lives with these symptoms without knowing that they have Covid-19.”


Speaking about the sudden hearing loss treatment applied in Covid-19 patients, Eser used the following statements:

“There is no clarity on a protocol regarding whether cortisone treatment is appropriate yet. While cortisone treatment starts at 1 mg/kg in patients presenting with normal sudden hearing loss, we may be uneasy about starting treatment in this way in Covid-19 patients. As a result, we need to learn to live with this disease, which will continue until the mutated form of this disease mutates again and loses its power, perhaps for years.”

Edited date: 09.06.2021
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