Sudden vision loss can be treated

Reminding that the temporary or permanent decrease in vision due to many different reasons is called vision loss, Ophthalmologist Dr. Semih Doğan said that sudden vision loss can be treated with medication or surgery. Dr. Doğan said: “When sudden vision loss is treated late, it can cause serious problems.”

Sudden vision loss can be treated

Loss of vision can be congenital or can occur in later periods. Making a statement during the White Cane Visually Impaired Week, Dr. Semih Doğan, an Ophthalmologist from Istanbul Gelisim University, stated that sudden vision loss can cause serious problems when treated late. Dr. Doğan said: “Sudden vision loss is a medical emergency. Stenosis or blockage in one of the vessels leading to the eye or the visual center of the brain may be a sign of sudden vision loss. It should be seen by the ophthalmologist within a few hours. Sometimes it may be due to diseases that cause conduction disorders in the eye nerves, not in the vessels.”


Listing the causes of sudden vision loss, Dr Semih Doğan said: “Sudden high eye pressure (acute glaucoma crisis), inflammation of the transparent part of the eye (keratitis), intraocular inflammation (uveitis), artery or vein occlusion that feeds the eye, inside the eye or in the eye (macula) bleeding, collection of fluid in the eye (macular edema), separation of the intraocular layers (retinal detachment) are among the causes of sudden vision loss.”


Doğan said that in order to find the cause of sudden vision loss, firstly a full eye examination and looking into the eye by enlarging the pupil and added: “In addition, according to the findings, visual field test or eye angiography may be required. Therefore, when you have such a complaint, your eye examination may take half a day and you may not be able to drive on your way home.”

Expressing that whatever disease that causes vision loss is, appropriate treatment will be done with medication or surgery, Doğan said that not every vision loss can be treated.

Edited date: 13.01.2021
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