The finalists of the TEKNOFEST rocket competition announced

The finalists of the TEKNOFEST 2021 Rocket Competition have been announced. Pegasus and Kuzgun rocket teams made it to the finals.

The finalists of the TEKNOFEST rocket competition announced

Thousands of young people, from primary school to bachelor and graduate level, participated in the TEKNOFEST 2021 (Aviation, Space and Technology Festival) Technology Competitions organized in 34 different categories to realize their dreams.


Stating that they participated in the first Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST) held in 2018 with a team consisting only of Mechatronics Department students, Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) Chairman of the Board of Trustees Abdülkadir Gayretli said, “There are students from many departments in the teams established this year. The Pegasus and Kuzgun Rocket Teams, founded by our students from the Mechatronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering Departments who are interested in this competition, made their name into the finals.”

Stating that the students continue to produce projects, Abdülkadir Gayretli continued as follows:

“Our students continue to produce projects with new team members in line with the goals and objectives of the team, which is a team of technology enthusiasts. We aim to benefit from these developments by taking the developments of our country in aviation as an example. Our students want to turn their knowledge in mechanics and software into a useful purpose. That's why they participate in rocket competitions."


Stating that the students participated in the competition with two different teams in the 3 thousand meter rocket category, Abdülkadir Gayretli said, “Among the 296 rocket teams at the Preliminary Design Report stage, 'Pegasus Rocket Team' is 52nd with 821 points, and 'Raven Rocket Team' is 78th with 801 points and both of them passed to the next level. The 'Pegasus Rocket Team' earned 867 points and the 'Raven Rocket Team' earned 883 points at the Critical Design Report stage and qualified for the final. We aim to achieve a degree with our two teams in the 2021 Teknofest Rocket Competition.”

Edited date: 14.07.2021
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