The new obsession of the technology age: Digital Hoarding

With the age of technology, digital hoarding has also been added to the hoarding disease known as Compulsive Spooling Disease. Psychiatrist Onur Okan Demirci, who said that everything that is kept "maybe just because it works" and not erased on computers or mobile phones is slowly dragging you to digital hoarding, the main reason may be the lack of self-confidence.

The new obsession of the technology age: Digital Hoarding

Whether valuable or not, goods, waste, packaging, etc. In order to keep up with the times, Compulsive Accumulation Disease, which is defined as the inability to throw things out, entered our lives in order to keep up with the times, and digital hoarding started to be discussed along with the indispensable telephone and computer. Digital hoarding, which has emerged as a new definition because people are not able to delete not only their physical belongings, but also all kinds of digital data such as photos and conversations from their phones, e-mails or files from computers, is a new definition, Psychiatrist Onur Okan Demirci from Istanbul Gelisim University made evaluations about the situation and results.


Stating that digital hoarding, which appears as a new definition, is not much different from normal hoarding, Onur Okan Demirci started his speech as follows: “Spooling is actually a psychological action performed as a relaxing behavior. We call hoarding as a situation of hoarding a set of objects that we are unable to assign in our normal lives, that we think may work later, or to protect ourselves, whether it will work when we encounter any action that may happen to us later. Unfortunately for some people, this accumulation reaches the highest level and people start to spend hours, days, even years on this action. This situation brings with it many serious difficulties in their normal lives, and may even lead people to depression or situations where they cannot get out of work.”

Stating that digital hoarding emerged with the storage of all necessary or unnecessary digital data, Demirci said: “The concept of digital hoarding is actually an action that we perform only in the digital world, which is not much different from the concept of normal hoarding. For example, the inability to delete photos, files that we download to the phone or computer, and mails cause hoarding in the digital world. Not being able to assign or delete like real-life hoarding causes files to accumulate, hours to be spent on file order, and the mind to always be stuck there. This means loss of functionality, energy and workforce. If we give an example from the mails, the people who are hoarders cannot delete their e-mails, and they have a hard time when there is an e-mail they want to find again. Digital hoarding is also plaguing companies today. Because when employees are hoarding, a serious digital document burden arises. If we look at it from a legal perspective, the biggest danger is that they can receive very serious penalties if the big data they hold is lost as a result of cyber attacks.”


Emphasizing the lack of self-confidence is the leading cause of hoarding or digital hoarding, Demirci also said, “Since digital hoarding is a very new concept, there is no large and massive research situation for now. However, if we consider it in proportion to hoarding in normal life, there are numbers between 15 and 30 percent depending on the culture or country. This is actually a serious number. When we look at it, under hoarding or digital hoarding, insecurity, fear of something will happen, fear of being asked at any moment, fear, anxiety, anxiety play a role in the basis of hoarding and digital hoarding.”


Lastly, Demirci said that if the person cannot overcome it on his own, he should get psychological support. “In fact, this is a psychological disorder, so professional support is required. If your quality of life has come to a point, if there are complaints from your environment, we are now in a decline in our business and social life, in such cases, we need expert support. As a precaution, some trainings can be given to their employees for hoarding.”

Edited date: 29.01.2021
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