The next stop of the film workshop touring Anatolia will be Şanlıurfa Karahantepe

Organized by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul Gelisim University, the "Urfa Film Workshop" starts on 10th December.

The next stop of the film workshop touring Anatolia will be Şanlıurfa Karahantepe

The "Urfa Film Workshop", which will be organized in cooperation with Istanbul Gelisim University Faculty of Fine Arts, under the coordination of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Press, Broadcasting and Public Relations Department will start on 10 December. High school students participating in the three-day training will be given cinema training on various topics, from scenario to shooting.


High school students who will participate in the workshop will shoot a documentary film of the excavations in Karahantepe, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is thought to have a history even older than Göbeklitepe that is around 12 thousand years, and where similar obelisks are found in Göbeklitepe.

On the last day of the Urfa Film Workshop, a documentary film about the ongoing excavations in Karahantepe will be shot under the consultancy of the trainers so that the participants have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired.

After the workshop, the footage shot by the students will be edited by Istanbul Gelisim University and the screenings of the documentaries/short films prepared will meet the audience at the gala that will be held in Şanlıurfa. Certificates will be presented to the participating students.


Making evaluations about the film workshop to be held in Şanlıurfa, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül said, “The documentary of Karahantepe, which is the discovery of us with excitement after Göbeklitepe, which sheds light on the history of Şanlıurfa and which will be shot by students is extremely important both for the promotion of the city and for the young people to be intertwined with art.”
Mayor Beyazgül said, “As Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our efforts to increase the tourism revenues of the city through local and national festivals and the promotion of our local products, historical sites and tourism routes. When we look at the occupancy rates of our hotels, the number of our guests visiting historical and touristic sites, we see that we are reaping what we sow. I believe that the Urfa Film Workshop, which will be organized by our municipality and Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU), will open new horizons for the promotion of our city and our youth, who are the guarantee of our future. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project.”

The project coordinators of the workshop are IGU Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Prof. Dr. Şükran Güzin Ilıcak Aydınalp and Assoc. Dr. Nagihan Çakar Bikic, Lect. Director Ahmet Bikic is the workshop director, Okan Kırbacı and Istanbul Gelisim University Faculty of Fine Arts students Enes Dalgıç and Polat Bakırtaş are in the technical team, and Res. Asst. Ayten Bengisu Cansever, Res. Asst. Başak Lale and Res. Asst. Büşra Kamacıoğlu are in the design team.

Edited date: 01.12.2021
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