The number of cited publications reached 21 thousand 690

Evaluating the University Monitoring and Evaluation Report for the year 2019 announced by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), Prof. Dr. Nail Öztaş said that the number of citations, one of the most important indicators of universities in scientific competition, is one of the most used scientific performance criteria. Öztaş added that “the number of publications cited with 10 percent in Turkey reached 21 thousand 690.”

The number of cited publications reached 21 thousand 690

189 universities in Turkey were evaluated by the Council of Higher Education. Stating that there has been a serious improvement in universities compared to 2018, Istanbul Gelişim University Vice Prof. Dr. Rector Nail Öztaş said: “R&D projects increased by 44 percent compared to the previous year and reached 8,362. The investment budget rate of Istanbul GeliSim University on R&D increased to 47.3%.”

Providing information about the number of publications in national and international refereed journals per academician, Öztaş said: “The reports show that the number of publications per capita in national refereed journals increased from 0.05 to 0.11, and the number of publications per capita in international refereed journals from 0.31 to 0.36. The number of publications cited in 10 percent is seen as 21,690.”


Expressing that the citations made to the Istanbul Gelisim University Journal of Social Sciences (IGUSBD), which is indexed by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM TR Index, are increasing day by day, Öztaş added: “The journal, which reached 62 citations as of January 2021, is also on the rise in downloads. As of this month, the journal content has been downloaded 337 thousand 508 times according to TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM figures. As of January 2021, 449 articles were sent to the journal and 236 of these articles were published with positive reports from the journal referees. There are many articles still in process.”


Abdülkadir Gayretli, Chairman of IGU Board of Trustees, who said that IGUSBD has the quality of an international refereed journal and is published twice a year in April and October, added: “The journal publishes research articles, compilation articles and book reviews. The ratio of research articles among the published articles is at the level of 85%. Scientific articles within the framework of philosophy, public relations, administrative sciences, economics, communication sciences, statistics, business, logistics, psychology, political sciences and sociology are accepted to the journal.”

Reminding the statements of Yekta Saraç, Prof. Dr. President of YÖK, "We can say that there is a noticeable improvement in the indicators of our universities," Gayretli said: "Reports are important in terms of measuring the development and success of universities.”

Edited date: 03.02.2021
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