The Number of University Patents is Increasing

Habip Asan, the Chairman of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Organization, said that the universities where the information is produced have a serious potential for patenting. "With the increase in awareness of industrial property rights in university administrations, the effect of patent applications on academic promotion criteria, the opening of courses on industrial property and the establishment of graduate programs The increase in the number of TTOs also influenced the rise of patent numbers," he said.

The Number of University Patents is Increasing

Talking on "Dissemination of Industrial Property Information in Universities Project" which has been going on since 2011 Habip Asan, said, "We have presented senate presentations on patents at all universities all over the country and realized many activities such as awareness seminars, application of patent appointment system, training of trainers, and we continue to organize. Currently, there are TÜRKPATENT Information and Documents Departments in many universities, technoparks and tech parks to provide necessary information and documents for industrial property owners. All these studies contribute to the increase in the number of university patents," he said.

Referring to the increase in patent numbers in the universities, Asan said, "Increasing awareness of industrial property rights in university administrations, the effect of patent applications on academic promotion criteria, the opening of courses on industrial property, the establishment of graduate programs and the increase in the number of TTOs have also affected the rising figures of universities".


Indicating that the the increase in university patents will become even more pronounced in the coming years, Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority Chairman Prof. Dr. Habip Asan added: "The new Industrial Property Law entered into force on January 10, 2017 with the transition to a more qualified industrial property structure. The process of granting a patent has been simplified, and at the same time, at least one third of the commercial income to be obtained by making new regulations on the rights of the university has been awarded to the university, provided that the academics are given".


Asan said that as a result of the scientific studies carried out at the universities, higher quality and higher value added inventions are expected to emerge. "The income obtained by commercialization of these inventions will be recorded as income in the higher education institution's budget. This will create a resource to be used for the needs of higher education institutions, especially scientific researches. These resources can then be redirected to R & D work for new discoveries. In this way, a cycle can be created to increase the number of inventions produced by universities day by day. "


Proposing for industrialist and university cooperation The Chairman of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Association, Dr. Habip Asan said: "fairs, seminars, technology markets and workshops to meet industrialists and universities can be organized. Thanks to TTOs, Technoparks and Technopolis, industrialists and universities can come together to cooperate in R & D projects with advanced technology and more qualified inventions can be realized. It will be easier to commercialize these inventions that have emerged as a result of university and private sector collaboration.


Emphasizing that many of the emerging innovations made the results of research done in universities in Turkey are not applied for patent, Chairman of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority Prof. Dr. Habip Asan said: "This situation needs to be corrected and in this context important work has been done with the stakeholders of the subject. Especially important regulations were made in this area with the Industrial Property Law enacted in 2017. Universities are among the most important centers where information is produced and must be one of the richest sources of patent applications. In this context, scientific and academic publications emerging in the fields of basic sciences and engineering can be considered as the potential sources of these research findings. Therefore, it is known that the patent publication rate is a serious point, and the necessary studies should be carried out in the universities for the closure of this scissors."

Underlining that the number of researchers within the university is an important parameter in terms of the patent objective, Asan said: "The number of patents per university researcher should be monitored on an annual basis and this ratio should be continuously increased. At universities, especially at the management level, policies and objectives on industrial property play an important role in the university's success in this area".


Commenting on that slogan Istanbul Gelişim University with 53 programs accredited from Europe, Turkey's only higher education acting according to the "quiet revolution" slogan set out by the HEC Chairman Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç, Asan said: " International accreditation is issue of importance to the Istanbul Gelişim University especially important for the students of the university. Accreditation is, of course, one of the criteria that our young people consider when choosing a university to continue their education. I congratulate Istanbul Gelişim University for its success on the accreditation issue which will serve as an example to our other universities. The issue of accreditation can also be considered as a kind of guarantee in terms of the quality and standard of education given at universities. For this reason, I think that all of our universities should tend on it. "


Evaluating the success that Istanbul Gelişim University is among the top three universities making patent application as the owner in total of 326 brand, patents and utility models the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority Chairman Prof. Dr. Habip Asan added: "I think that the success achieved in a university about industrial property is related to the importance of the university administration to this issue. We can say that the success of the Istanbul University of Development in the field of industrial property is a significant part of the university administration's sensitivity and correct approach to industrial property ".

“Üniversitelerin patent sayıları artıyor"
Edited date: 22.06.2018
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