The right choice suggestions for the university

While the results of the Higher Education Institutions Exam (2020-YKS) were announced yesterday, universities started to make their promotion days both face to face and online. Speaking in the online broadcast of the university titled “The Right Decision in the Preference Process” within the scope of the promotional days held in the digital environment, Guidance Expert Elif Aluç Gülşen and Pelin Karahancı made suggestions to the prospective students.

The right choice suggestions for the university


Evaluating the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) held on July 27 – 28, Guidance Expert Pelin Karahancı spoke: “The most important criterion of this process was that students studying for YKS, which was constantly changing due to the pandemic, had great problems. One of the most important things to say about the exam process is that there were a lot of questions with depth of meaning in all areas. This means that TYT is beyond being a knowledge test anymore. Because the importance of how students struggle with long paragraphs and deep questions in a certain period has increased. Students can no longer differentiate which question is Turkish language and which is Math because the rate of measurement of verbal logic ability has increased. In other words, it is important to read, comprehend and to be able to relate with real life, to analyze correctly, so students who will prepare for 2021 YKS can spend their holidays by reading a lot.”


Emphasizing that prospective students should solve their occupational test and find out which fields are more suitable for their predisposition, Karahancı stated: “We recommend that they spend this process to research. As Istanbul Gelisim University, we try to support the prospective students as much as we can each year. We organize 'Preference and Promotion Days'. With our guidance staff, we provide professional support for students with the announcement of the results. At the Online Promotion Days, together with all our academic staff and many administrative staff, efforts are made to make the right decisions for the departments that the students will choose and to recognize the departments. In addition, we offer our Preference Trial Portal (PTP), which is a comprehensive project of Istanbul Gelisim University, to all users. All of these studies are done in order not to disappoint the students, to get to know the departments they will choose and to minimize the preference failures.”


Providing explanations about how the students evaluate their results, Karahancı said: “We need to analyze the exam result document carefully. In order to look at the placement score and ranking, the type of score we want to choose must have a Y- expression next to the type of score. (Y-TYT (basic qualification test), Y-SAY (quantitative), Y-EA (equal weight), Y-SÖZ (verbal), Y-DİL (language). It will be useful to give this detail to our students. With the TYT score type, you will only be able to choose associate degree programs. In order to have the right of choice, your TYT score must be at least 150 points. With the TYT score, you can apply to undergraduate programs that accept students only with the Special Talent Exam. In order to choose undergraduate programs, your equal weight, verbal, quantitative or language score must be 170 or higher. However, the minimum score of 170 is specific to this year.”


Indicating that one of the most asked questions from students is which departments are more advantageous and in which departments is a job guarantee, Guidance Expert Pelin Karahancı from Istanbul Gelisim University spoke: “The students' thoughts on preferring whichever department has a job opportunity are a way of thinking that is not correct in the long term. Because these are variable things, a profession that has been popular for a few years may lose its popularity after a few years, so our advice to students is to invest in themselves. They should prefer the departments that suit them well. They should do the jobs they will be happy for life. We can talk about this for the period we live in, but we can say that Engineering fields, health fields and civil aviation fields are very popular and employment rates are high.”


Informing students about what they should pay attention to while choosing, Guidance Expert Elif Aluç Gülşen spoke: “Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, changes applied in the 2020 YKS will of course also affect success rankings, so students should make wide-ranging choices within 24 choices. For example, It is useful for a student whose Y-EA (equal weight) is in 80,000 to choose between 40,000 and 120,000.”


Stating that the students do not recommend that they prefer the places they do not want in order not to prepare for YKS for another year, Gülşen said: “The university journey is an adventure that will last until the end of one's life, and the identity we carry in this adventure will be associated with the department we graduate. For this reason, we should choose departments that we have been dreaming of since childhood and that are suitable for our talents and personal characteristics. It is beneficial for students to choose universities where they can improve themselves. Considering the number of students who graduate each year, it is inevitable that students should improve themselves while studying. For this, they can participate in projects, get to know different countries with Erasmus, and participate in social responsibility projects with student clubs and start business marathons better than those in their field.”


Emphasizing that students should evaluate the top 5 preferences well in order to benefit from the public or foundation universities' preference tuition fee waivers when creating their preference lists, Gülşen said: “During the preference period, students should contact the universities as much as possible and get information about the opportunities of the universities, and if there is no preference experience, it is definitely beneficial to get support from the experts.”

Edited date: 29.07.2020
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