Turkey is in 15 of the world's largest market in the pharmaceutical sector

Evaluating the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in Turkey, Lect. Selim Can said that Turkey takes place in 15 major global markets in this sector. Can emphasized that the most important reason for this growth is the easy access to the devices and medicine needed.

Turkey is in 15 of the world's largest market in the pharmaceutical sector

Expressing that domestic and international companies in Turkey have been growing and their importance increases day by day, Istanbul Gelisim University Medical Publicity and Marketing Program Lect. Selim Can said: “The social security and health facilities, which covers almost all of our population, ensures that our citizens receive quality health services and access the medicines and medical devices they need in case of illness with insurance assurance.”


Indicating that the expectations of individuals and health systems from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry have been increasing day by day, Can stated: “The pharmaceutical and medical device industry works hard to develop R&D-based, scientifically-centered, innovative products to meet this expectation. With these efforts, more effective and less side-effect treatments, devices that will facilitate the patient's life and connect them to daily life emerges. Of course, these developments ensure the growth of the total market regularly every year. At the current point, the global medical device market size exceeds $ 420 billion and the global pharmaceutical market exceeds $ 1.2 trillion, and this market grows rapidly.”


Stating that Medical Promotion and Marketing Department trains young people to keep up with this growing sector in Turkey and to provide support, Lect. Selim Can advised young people who want to take part in this sector. Can said: “The growing market and the increasing importance of the sector brings the need for equipped human resources. Until recent years, this need has been met by recruiting people from different branches and by specialized in the sector through training at work. Being a medical promotion and marketing department graduate will make a difference, but it will not be enough on its own. Students who want to progress in this field must develop some other competencies. Knowing a foreign language is not only beneficial for the student to broaden her/his vision, but also for the student to develop herself/himself socially, to be knowledgeable, well-educated and cultured will enable her/him to be accepted and appreciated in every environment in which s/he will do her/his job. Let's not forget that the steps of success will be reached one by one, and there are new learning in every step.”

Edited date: 19.06.2020
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