Turkish scientist invited to G20

Asst. Prof. Asiye Karakullukçu has been invited to the upcoming “G20 Innovation League” initiative, which will take place in Sorrento on the 9th - 10th of October 2021. In the event where the best 100 start-ups in the world are invited, Asst. Prof. Asiye Karakullukçu will represent Turkey as the best start-up in the field of health.

Turkish scientist invited to G20

The G20 Italian Presidency has decided to host the “G20 Innovation League” as a Special Event at the margins of the G20 Trade Ministers’ Meeting, to enhance cooperation between public and private players in the field of innovation, start-ups, venture capital corporations on a global scale.

The event is a unique opportunity for start-ups to present their solutions on a global stage; for investors to showcase their portfolio companies and to get acquainted with innovative solutions in response to global challenges; for policy-makers to acknowledge first-hand how innovation can successfully tackle complex social needs through disruptive technologies; for corporations to explore further opportunities to invest in cutting-edge technologies.


With the device developed with biosensor technology by Asst. Prof. Asiye Karakullukçu from Istanbul Gelisim University, who made a breakthrough in the "rapid diagnosis of infections in hospitals", which is one of the most important problems of the health sector, the patients can be diagnosed with the infection in a few minutes. Thousands of people die every year due to hospital infection, which is a problem not only in Turkey but also in many countries around the world. Asst. Prof. Asiye Karakullukçu, who has been invited to the "G20 Innovation League" initiative, which will take place in Sorrento, Italy between 9-10 October 2021, will represent Turkey in the field of health among the top 100 start-ups with the device she has developed.

Edited date: 05.10.2021
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