Wrong posture in the office can cause permanent damage

Stating that people working in the office are at risk of occupational musculoskeletal diseases, Physiotherapist Gülşah Konakoğlu warned that this condition can cause permanent damage in the body. Konakoğlu mentioned the need of the office chairs or seats to be adjustable, monitors to be replaceable according to people.

Wrong posture in the office can cause permanent damage

Stating that natural posture is the safest and most comfortable posture for work, Physiotherapist Lect. Gülşah Konakoğlu from Istanbul Gelisim University said: “Unnatural postures force the physical limits of the body by pressure on the muscles and joints.”


Physiotherapist Konakoğlu warned: “During the day, working more than two hours continuously over the shoulder and head level with hands, kneeling for more than two hours, working by twisting or bending the waist for more than two hours and sitting without supporting the feet are among the inappropriate postures of the employees. The postures of which the employee must stand and work in the same position for a long time are static stops. In static postures, blood flow is limited and muscular fatigue and injuries occur.”


Indicating that inappropriate posture may result in fatigue, strain, injury or permanent disability, Physiotherapist Gülşah Konakoğlu said as follows: 
“In the office it is usually worked in sitting position. In the sitting position, the neck and lumbar vertebrae are particularly challenging. If the neck vertebrae are not fully upright, the weight of the head forces the neck and neck muscles. The right position of the cervical vertebrae is possible with the head facing right in the ready position. The neck vertebrae are tilted forward, while sitting slightly bent forward. In this position, the shoulder and neck muscles enter into static tension to look across. This is why office workers experience discomfort on their necks and shoulders. It is possible to keep the physical stresses below the level that would harm the health thanks to the office furniture such as the correctly selected tables and chairs and the office devices such as computers, phones and printers that are correctly selected and placed correctly.”


Emphasizing that each office should be ergonomically designed to provide job comfort and increase productivity of employees, Konakoğlu said: “Inadvertently exposed postures and faulty movements in offices that spend time during long working hours cause inactivity, temporary or permanent musculoskeletal disorders.”
Pointing out that space design is very important in ergonomics, Konakoğlu added: “In particular, furniture, all kinds of tools and equipment should be arranged in accordance with the human structure and ergonomics rules.”


Physiotherapist Gülşah Konakoğlu, explaining the need for office designs that allow employees to work in different positions by sitting and standing, said: “Modular workstations and flexibility can be emphasized, especially in terms of the ability to adjust the chairs or seats, the sliding systems of the monitors can be changed according to the people, the new business approach that gives priority to teamwork, and the ability to provide working environment in any direction and place that can be used in stand-alone offices. needs to be taken. Since ergonomics aims to combine the work load and the capacity of the employee in the most appropriate way, it will be beneficial to adopt an ergonomic approach to increase production.”

Edited date: 06.01.2020
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