Z Generation's perception of housing was investigated: They want a detached house, neighborhood and privacy are at the forefront.

Academics from a foundation university in Istanbul investigated the possible expectations of Generation Z for future residences. According to the results of the survey conducted with young people between the ages of 18-22, Generation Z wants to live in a detached house with a garden, prioritizing neighborhood and privacy.

Z Generation's perception of housing was investigated: They want a detached house, neighborhood and privacy are at the forefront.

A scientific paper entitled 'Statements Regarding Future Residential Housing Perceptions in Turkey over Generation Z' written by Master Architect İbrahim Erol from Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, with Prof. Dr. Ayfer Aytuğ and Master Architect F. Esra Tanrıkulu was published.

Erol, who gave information about the results of the study evaluating the perception of the Z generation through the concepts of belonging, privacy, flexibility and aesthetics, said: “Increasing the spaces that can be personalized and expanded / narrowed according to the needs, considering the sense of privacy in the house, smart home systems, etc. Development of innovations is among the expectations of Generation Z from the residences of the future.”


Mentioning that Generation Z mostly attaches importance to the sense of belonging in terms of environment and neighborly relations, Master Architect İbrahim Erol said: “It is seen that they are sensitive about privacy. The kitchen, in the context of domestic privacy, is an area that is intended to be kept private for incoming guests rather than creating a space of intimacy between family members. Generation Z prefers to keep the kitchen as a private area, although it is possible to combine and expand the kitchen with other spaces in the house, especially since the individuals in the house do not want to share the environment where they prepare meals with other people who are defined as others.”

Expressing that Generation Z puts functional efficiency above aesthetics, Erol said: "This situation, which can be expressed as the reflection of the fast and practical life style of Generation Z on their perception of housing, reveals the desire of young people to live in aesthetic residences to be designed without compromising function. The preference of movable panel walls that allow the planning of various space organizations in residences supports this situation. The fact that a house designed for anyone can be personalized with movable walls, is very compatible with the behavioral habits of Generation Z, who tend to customize everything.”


Stating that the participants' priority choices are detached houses with gardens and villas, Erol said: “It is seen that the other concepts emphasized the most by the participants are comfort, spaciousness and spaciousness. Afterwards, they prefer quiet, calm and peaceful residences. As it should be in many disciplines, it is socially important to determine the preferences of the next generations and to realize the necessary transformation correctly in the steps to be taken in architecture.”

Edited date: 16.02.2021
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