Istanbul Gelişim University Library was established in 2008 to support educational and scientific research activities and to meet all kinds of information and documents needs of students, academic and administrative personnel. Our users can benefit from Library services as a member. Istanbul Development University Library, Central Library, Art and Engineering Library, Vocational Library and Library of Vocational High School serve in four different settlements.

Central Library serves between the hours of 08.30-21.30 on weekdays at the Rectorate. This library mainly provides services to our Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Schools of Health Sciences and Applied Sciences, and therefore has appropriate publications for these units. Central Library is open until 23.00 on weekdays during the visa and final semesters.

Art and Engineering Library provides services to Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and Faculty of Fine Arts and Schools of Physical Education and Sports are available between 08.30 and 18.30 on weekdays. The resources it hosts are predominantly compatible with these three units.
The Vocational School Library (Reading Room) operates between 08.30 and 20.00 on weekdays in Vocational Schools.

SFL Library serves School of Foreign Languages (YDYO) on the weekdays between 08.30 - 18.30 every day. In this campus library, necessary resources are also provided for the institutes.

The resources of our libraries are structured in accordance with the curriculum of our university and are constantly diversified. Our users have the opportunity to research all their libraries in Internet-connected computers. Our library catalog (list of library resources) is available 24/7 on our web page When browsing, four libraries are accessible through a common interface. The requested publication can be obtained from any of our librarians, or it can be brought to the campus through our librarians.

It is contributing to the vision and mission of growing and rapidly developing Istanbul Gelişim University by enriching users day by day with the purchase of resources in the direction of the users and the curriculum.
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