Abdulkadir Gayretli: "Patent Application by Universities Increased by 28% in 8 Years”

At universities in Turkey, while more than 7 million students studying, more than 151 thousand academics works. Despite these numbers, 4.3 patents per university in Turkey. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Istanbul Gelişim University - one of Turkey's top 3 universities accepting most students last year Abdulkadir Gayretli evaluated the university patents in Turkey. Mr. Gayretli talked on the importance of universities to produce information and said "We produce knowledge and compete with the world. The patent application of universities increased by 28 percent in 8 years".

Abdulkadir Gayretli: "Patent Application by Universities Increased by 28% in 8 Years”

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gayretli said that they are among Turkey's top three universities making most patent application.


Trying to achieve its goals on becoming an information producing university IGU Board of Trustees Chairman Gayretli shared information about the largest increase in the last 10 years in the number of patent applicantions in Turkey by making increase of 34 percent.

Saying that the share of the universities is inexplicable in this increase Gayretli said, "We, as Istanbul Gelişim University have achieved great work in this sense.

This way, aiming to be a information producing university we have got 225 brands and patents in total through our work since 2016. In addition, we are working with 101 utility models, design and software to create products with added value”.


Abdulkadir Gayretli stressed that they always had an objective to realize the first in Turkey and the World and added:
“We realized from the message of Chairman of the Council of Higher Education. Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç he gave to the universities especially with the slogan 'silent revolution' among the universities that it should be internationalized and to realize the first in Turkey and the World with our work and projects. Universities have an important place in producing information. İstanbul Gelişim University is trying to be useful in producing information with its projects.

We have developed a jet braking system that we named BabaJet for our electrical vehicle named "Babayiğit". This brake system detects the obstacle 1 meter distance in front of the vehicle and engages the jet braking system and effaces the risk of crashing. The new braking system that we carried out all the work in our university has been followed with interest by many domestic and foreign companies since it took place in the media. They are asking for visiting our university. We are open to any kind of works in this matter as long as steps we take work for the benefit of our country. There are more than 190 universities in Turkey. As a university, we put a patent target every year for ourselves. We encourage our faculty members to make inventions. Developing university - industry cooperation is very important. We are acting with this awareness. As IGU, we have also started the necessary studies to put in a compulsory patent course”.

Edited date: 22.06.2018
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