First and Only School Of Physical Training and Sports that became accredited by Europe

The school of Physical Training and Sport of Istanbul Gelişim University has been the First and only school in Turkey, that became accredited by Agency for Quality Assurance (AQAS). The university celebrated this achievement with all academicians and staffs in the new campus in Avcilar. Opening speeches were made by The Chairman of the Board Of Trustees Abdulkair Gayretli, Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Aykaç and General Director Doris Herrmann.

First and Only School Of Physical Training and Sports that became accredited by Europe


General Director Doris Herrmann remarked that it is compulsory to become accredited in Europe.

“In Turkey, First of All, Istanbul Gelişim University applied for accreditation. There is not another university that applied that much programme at the same time.  This indicates how the university was motivated and assertive. We see a great effort about making a better atmosphere for students and improving the university’s quality. For my opinion, the effort on attempting to develop its quality, the university showed, must be a role model for others.” General Director said.


The chairman of the board of trustees, Abdulkadir Gayretli, said that they have proceed at the short time and they are proud of being the first and only successful university about it in the world and Turkey.

“Our aim is to make our academicians and students global persons with different specialties. We have 86 departments and about 286 patent applications to have accredited. We are an applicant for most patent in Turkey. Our country needs to produce new project. In order to reach to world leadership and the world standard, we know that we need to produce new projects. Now, we produce projects that are unprecedented in the world and we applied to receive patents for these projects.” The Chairman said.

Higher Education Institution Chairman Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç said about accreditation process “Accreditations are big step forward improving the quality of education in Turkey. In 2018 Placement Guidance, departments of universities, which have been accredited will take place.” Chairmen of Higher Education Institution also said that Accreditation processes must be in the placement guidance, in order to encourage other universities to get accredited, thus, we can aim to create a constant quality assurance process.

Abdulkadir Gayretli mentioned they were going forward to be a world university and they will recruit approximately 3000 international students in next academic years. And He continued: “We have taken our new campus and we aim to open the Faculty of Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Faculity Of Education. For strengthening Turkey’s economy, these departments will contribute via both collaborating with industry and selling new projects to abroad. We’ve already sold 2 projects to US and 1 project to Australia. This is a big step for a young university like us”

IGU Rector Prof. Dr. Burhan Aykaç said the accreditation program continues for other departments. “Achievements of universities are measured with existing students and alumni who are successful. Our university have a great success with academic studies and results alumni. We will get started new accreditation progress for Engineering and others in 2018. We are much happy to see our swift development.”

Edited date: 22.06.2018
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