IGU Welcomed Foreign Scientists In an International Conference

International Applied Analysis and Mathematical Modeling Conference, which started on 20 June, was hosted by Istanbul Gelişim University (IGU). The conference, attended by 16 foreign scientists from 28 different countries, came together to contribute to mathematical modeling and interdisciplinary cooperation in all areas of engineering.

IGU Welcomed Foreign Scientists In an International Conference

16 invited scientists joined to the 7th conference of ICAAMM: International Conference On Applied Analysis And Mathematical Modelling from the countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Malaysia, Italy, Nigeria, South Africa.

Approximately 535 abstract were received in the conference.  Professor Dr. Adem Kılıçman participated in the conference as a speaker, emphasizing that the conference will contribute to the science, said: "The purpose here is to show the latest research to other researchers and to act together. That is why scientists offer the work they have done here, and they have the opportunity to collaborate with interested people. Mathematics is a wide discipline, each field has different applications. Researches in this area may be severe for undergraduate students, but they are suitable for doctoral and graduate students. They can learn a lot by participating in this conference. "


Prof. Dr. Nikolay Metodiev Sirakov, participant to the conference from United States mentioned that he had opportunity to collaborate with Turks before and finded their work sufficient to make a reserarch: “We are interested in solutions of partial differential equations. And I learned it from my Turkish friends coming from th Middle East and together with my students we are going on it. We are very fortunate to be able to cooperate here. We are collaborating with scientists I have met before. We are planning to apply them in medical studies. I am here for a short time but I have had the opportunity to work with the Turks before and I know them. I think it is sufficient for the Turks to work for research”.


Dumitri Baleanu, a scientist, said he attended the conference as a speaker and was happy to take part in the conference. Underlining that everyone at Conference can learn from each other, Baleanu said, "We are in a well-organized international conference. In this conference, mathematicians have the opportunity to learn from engineers, and engineers have the opportunity to learn a lot from mathematicians. It's a multi-disciplinary conference. In mathematics and engineering everything is related. I'm working on fractional-degree differential equations. They give better results in mathematical modeling. Istanbul Gelişim University has a good environment here, I have met with very good researches".

Baleanu stating that he was in Turkey since 2002, also added: "We did work in various fields, we offered TUBITAK project and we are working with postdoctoral researchers. Our work is not limited only by Turkey. We continue to work with other countries. I will be here at future conferences".


Professor from Nigeria participating in the conference as a speaker. Dr. Aderemi Kuku advised young scientist candidates to be patient. Kuku, who expressed his happiness to see young people as a participant, said, "It was a very good and useful conference and I was very happy to see young people as a participant and sought quality questions. This conference does not only include math. Let young people do good research. This is a bit of patience. During the time I am here, I have been in dialogue with both experienced and young researchers and we are planning to make joint projects ".

An Australian scientist known for his work in the field of geophysics Prof. Dr. Herbert Huppert has stressed  that Turkey is currently in the earthquake zone and there is need to seriously look into this. Prof. Dr. Huppert expressing that the relevant studies have to be done for Turkey's being in earthquake zone, added: "A well-organized conference. I am happy to be a speaker here, I have met with very good questions. The purpose of the conference was to search for answers. To be able to respond directly to the objective questions of scientific studies. I was talking with several friends since I first came to Turkey and I've seen so far very positive and determined efforts. Turkey is currently in the earthquake zone, we must work on it and should seriously look at this".

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Edited date: 05.07.2018
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