Limoncuoğlu: Turkey's Concerns Are Being Taken Into Consideration By NATO Now

Academic member of Istanbul Gelişim University (IGU) Department of Political Science and International Relations Dr. Alihan Limoncuoğlu evaluated the NATO summit. Limoncuoğlu told that "it was stated at the Report on the Results that 'We will step up measures against threats to Turkey'. Nevertheless, the final report emphasized that NATO countries should act together to combat terrorism. This is an important result for Turkey, who fought for years against the terrorist organizations".

Limoncuoğlu: Turkey's Concerns Are Being Taken Into Consideration By NATO Now

Political Scientist Dr. Limoncuoğlu said that, civil war in Syria naturally, was one of the summit's most important issues and "assurance measures adapted to Turkey in order to respond to the South caused and growing security threats essentially contributes to all the alliance's security. According to the NATO Summit results report, 'these measures will be fully implemented'. This is actually a view proving again that Turkey is one of NATO's border country. NATO will continue to monitor and evaluate ballistic missile threats stemming from Syria to Turkey. Turkey's concerns are being taken into consideration by NATO now".


Puting emphasis on re-entering of Turkey -  NATO relations to the recovery path at the last Brussels Summit Limoncuoğlu added "Since the massacres in Cyprus, Turkey's relations with NATO have been strained at times, but usually recover in the short or medium term. After July 15 Coup attempt Turkey's relations with NATO were strained again; Turkey-NATO relations, but now as we can see from these result declarations that re-entered the path of normalization".

Stating that Summit decisions are accepted by North America and Europe together, Limoncuoğlu added "When we look at the the summit results, we can say that Turkey-NATO relations again slowly sit on rails. The developments in recent years has led NATO to understand further the importance of Turkey. Therse relations are undoubtedly realized as a result of mutually intense diplomatic efforts".

Edited date: 16.07.2018
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