People say 'I exist' by resorting to violence in traffic

Drivers who do not know the rules, drive with alcohol, do not stop at a red light, throw crosses and speed excessively invite traffic accidents. Speaking about the frequent fights in the sect and resulting in murder as well as the accidents, Psychologist Arzu Somay said: “If parents solve problems in the family by resorting to violence, children also try to solve problems with violence in their business and private life and traffic when they grow up. Because he doesn't know any other problem solving method. In addition, people said "I am in" by resorting to violence in traffic.”

People say 'I exist' by resorting to violence in traffic

According to the accident balance sheet report of the July 2020 period announced by the Directorate of Traffic Education and Research Department of the Police General Directorate, 35 thousand 212 accidents occurred throughout the country for a month. 26 thousand 684 people were injured and 265 people died. In the first 7 months of the year, 121,199 people were injured in 195,765 traffic accidents, while 1,143 people died.
Among the accidents, 81 thousand 898 were caused by driver fault, 6 thousand 716 by pedestrian, 2 thousand 448 by vehicle, 442 by road, and 319 by passenger fault. While 2 thousand 104 of the accidents in the first 7 months of the year were caused by drivers who did not stop at the red light, 1,988 drivers who entered the places with no vehicle traffic signs invited the accident. One thousand 85 unruly drivers who took alcohol and got behind the wheel were involved in injured and fatal accidents. 862 drivers driving at excessive speed also caused accidents.
Psychologist Arzu Somay from Istanbul Gelisim University, who made statements about the announced report and advised the families, said: “Such development of urbanization and technology affected human psychology. The number of people going into traffic in Istanbul is very high, citizens are affected by the noise and the vehicle crowd. They want to experience the comfort of catching up where they want to go quickly. As such, people are more prone to violence and mistakes. If mothers and fathers solve problems in the family by resorting to violence, children try to solve their problems with violence when they grow up on the traffic. Because they doesn't know any other way of problem solving.”
Somay added: “The person enters the driver's license exam with his skill, but is not subjected to a psychological test. The person may be schizophrenic, addicted to alcohol and drugs. Maybe because of an anxiety disorder, it produces intense reaction in traffic. The person may be healthy, but he has not been able to say 'I exist' in family and business life. As such, one way to say 'I am' in traffic can use the traffic to take control.”

Stating “Let parents tell their children that they are both free individuals and that their boundaries end where the boundaries of others begin” Somay continued as follows: “Then when children grow up they learn not to violate others' right to life. If the child learns to respect others when he is young, he will follow the rules of the society as an adult.”
Expressing that the person wants to draw attention by using violence, Arzu Somay said: “If violence is used to solve problems in the family, if the mother solves a problem with her children by showing violence, the child also learns violence as a form of problem solving. This is where the problem begins, and he reflects this problem in every aspect of his life. When we fail to achieve our goals, we become angry and aggressive. When we want to be seen, we resort to violence, we try to attract attention. Mothers and fathers should base their children on being an individual and existence based on respect and love so that the child does not need to find a violent way of saying 'I exist too'. Of course he has the right to exist, but it is up to him to choose to exist respectfully, lovingly, by obeying the rules.”

Edited date: 28.08.2020
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