The importance of electronic publications increased even more during the pandemic period

The Covid-19 virus, which has been effective all over the world since the end of 2019, continues to increase its effect. Stating that the Covid-19 pandemic also affected the library services, Ahmet Şenol Armağan, Head of the Library and Documentation Department of Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU), stated that the interest in electronic publications increased during the pandemic period compared to the pre-pandemic.

The importance of electronic publications increased even more during the pandemic period


Stating that especially electronic publications became very critical in this period, Armağan indicated that they put millions of books, articles and theses in more than 20 databases to the service of users and added: “This is because electronic resources are accessible regardless of location and time. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. Faculty members make great use of these publications in the content they prepare. Students also show interest in electronic publications as they cannot come to the library.”


Noting that a small change is required in their computers in order for users to access these databases from outside the organization, Armağan said, “Thanks to the Easy Proxy system we used, access from outside has become very easy. Even if our users cannot physically come to the library, our library has actually gone to them by making these settings specified on the page. In this way, as contact with people is eliminated, both 24/7 library service continues and pandemic risks are eliminated.”

Work was carried out in turn at Istanbul Gelisim University between March and October, and library services were provided at full capacity in all campuses as of October 15, 2020. However, after the changes in pandemic conditions, it was started to work alternately as of 16 November 2020. For this reason, it was stated that it is important to consider this issue during physical visits to the library. It was stated that questions can be directed to the e-mail address of the Library and Documentation Department (  for any subject that is curious about the library.

Edited date: 17.11.2020
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