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Psychological Counselling Services

Psychological Counselling Services

Istanbul Gelisim University aims to support individual, social and academic development of students all the way through their university lives.

The Psychological Counselling Unit, with its expert staff, continues to support our national and international students and staff in their academic and personal development. It provides free service within our university so that our students and staff can cope with their psychological problems.

Istanbul Gelisim University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit provides counseling and guidance to the students to help solve the psychological, social and educational problems they encounter and for that purpose, they conducts the following services:
- Provides the orientation of the environment, the University, and the operations in the University to the students who recently enrolled in the university when a possible struggle occurs in the orientation process of their university life.
- Identifies the students' problem areas and provides a cooperation with the related departments.
- Helps the students who wants to change their major to recognise their own interest, skills and personalities and to make proper choices.

- Gives to the students information about the profession which they will have in the future and in case of necessity, provides having career counseling and support directing the students to Istanbul Gelisim University Career Development Career.
- Helps the students who have psychological and social problems to recognise themselves better, to make important decisions and communicate more effectively with the people around them by individual or group counseling according to request and needs.
- Carries out educational guidance by organizing informative seminars, conferences, congresses and suchlike meetings intended to the students who apply to the unit or/and internal and external shareholders.
- To get psychological counseling service, you can e-mail contact with staff of the Psychological Counseling Unit.

The Psychological Counseling Unit, which works with an appointment system, is on the 2nd floor of K Block.  You can make an appointment via OBIS by following the steps in the link below.

Psychological Counseling Unit Online Appointment System is Active Now

Click for information about appointment procedures. 

Ünal Erdem Elli
Clinical Psychologist
Psychological Counselling Unit

+90 212 422 70 00  

For International Students

Dr. Aman Sado Elemo
Psychological Counselling
Psychological Counselling Unit

0212 422 70 00

Created Date: :   Friday, March 15, 2019