Vision, Mission and Values

World University

Istanbul Gelişim University is a young and dynamic institution aiming to stand out among world universities with the principle of continuous development and value creation. In this context, as a new generation young university, it moves with the aim of being a prestigious world university in the international arena with a suitable, developing, productive, and quality education approach. As Istanbul Gelişim University, we aim to stand out among world universities with the principle

To be one of the WORLD UNIVERSITIES that produce value for continuous IMPROVEMENT
Gelisim’s goal is to add value to society and humanity
Education, research and community service practices compose its core values; while 
Leading competent people and those who use the resources effectively and accountably, for a world 
In which goodness, fairness and sustainability are integrated. 
Simply believing in research ethics and freedom in its activities, 
Internalizing a quality and tolerance atmosphere and  
Mastering in physical, social, cultural, psychological and digital realms, Gelisim keeps on improving 
To provide education and training services in national and international quality standards,
To implement a student-centered education approach,
To adopt the understanding of governance with stakeholders,
To provide services to the community in effective, efficient and measurable standards,
To implement continuous and sustainable improvement and development activities in every field,
Sustainability is a concept that has entered our life in the last 20 years. The growing awareness of such problems as global climate change, environmental pollution, deforestation, the exhaustion of plant and animal species, and depletion of energy resources we use has brought us to this point.
This concept tells us: “Meet the needs of today without dispossessing future generations of the opportunity meeting their own needs!”. In other words, we have a responsibility to keep the environment clean at all stages of our production and consumption activities and to use resources as little as possible.
While studies on the world are progressing rapidly, there are many steps to be taken by our country. In order for these steps to be taken healthily, cooperation is needed between the state, companies, non-governmental organizations, universities and individuals who conduct scientific studies.
We, as Istanbul Gelisim University, want to fulfill our responsibility with the support of our students and leave a more livable world for the next generations. For this, we chose “Sustainability” as the main theme of our university.
As a beginning, we have put a mandatory “Introduction to Sustainability” course into the curriculum of all our departments, believing in the power of awareness and education. Together we will become conscious, and then we will fulfill our responsibilities.
As the University, we set out to act as required by the concept of sustainability in all future activities and projects. With the support of you students, we will create a better world, together!

Created Date: :   Monday, May 27, 2019