Istanbul Gelisim University

Sport Facilities

Sport Facilities

Sports facilities located inside the Istanbul Gelisim University campus; it was established to reveal sports activities and IGU young people to evaluate the extracurricular time and sports skills. Basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, indoor gymnasium are open to our students, staff and also for the community free for use.

Sports Hall, located on the campus of our University, offers basketball, volleyball and soccer fields internationally, as well as a fitness center area for students to use. In the sports hall where the training and matches of university teams are held, all students are able to work under the supervision of instructors and coaches whenever they want.

Throughout the academic year organized under the supervision of specialist trainers, basketball, volleyball, folk dances and courses in modern dance branches enable our students to evaluate their free time and improve their skills.

Our goal is to prepare the environment for students to gain healthy living habits, to enrich the campus experience, and to provide the students with sports skills that they can use for life by organizing high-quality physical education, sports and fitness programs.

Istanbul Gelisim University - Sport Facilities

Created Date: :   Friday, March 15, 2019