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Legislation on Disabled Students

Legislation on Disabled Students

The proposal of the Higher Education Council Disabled Student Committee to amend the decisions of the Higher Education General Assembly dated 21 January 2010 regarding the midterm exams and final exams related to the disabled students in the higher education institutions was held at the Higher Education General Meeting dated 25/08/2011

a) Considering whether or not a student with disabilities participates in the test during the distribution of examiners,
b) The examination of the places where the physically handicapped students are held during the determination of the examination places,
c) The examination of a disabled student (visually impaired student) is carried out by a research assistant in a separate environment,

The decisions reviewed again,

  1. During the distribution of examiners, taking into account the presence of disabled students to participate in the examination,
  2. During the determination of the examination places  choose a place according to physically disabled students
  3. For a disabled student (visually impaired student) to be tested by a research assistant in a separate environment, the selected research assistant should be assigned from the department in which the exam course is held and from those who have mastered the concept and terminology of the course,
  4. In the absence of the research staff, the exam shall be carried out by the instructor who has given the lecture or by another lecturer,
  5. To ensure that the selected environment has a close proximity to the exam room where the other students are examining so that the student can learn about the exam changes and ask questions when necessary,
  6. Students with disabilities (visually impaired) are asked to give the test paper as braille alphabet or as a large flat as requested by the person cooperating with disabled student units,
  7. In case of a documented disability, if requested by the students, in cooperation with the university students with disabilities,
  8. For students with disabilities (especially hearing impairments), to determine the most accessible test format for the student's needs,
  9. In case of disability determined by the report, giving extra time to the students in cooperation with the university disability student units (according to the obstacle situation)

Created Date: :   Monday, November 5, 2018